Release Notes


Improvements & Fixes

VMware: Cloud Sync Performance Improvements (10x) Windows Agent with Agent Install and Chef Bootstrap Fixes



  • Fix for Load Balancer detail pages missing for non-sysadmin roles
  • Fix for OracleVM provisioning from CLI
  • Fix for 32-bit linux agent install
  • Fix for VMware Virtual Machine Sync


New Features

  • New Windows Agent with Script execution. Powershell Library Scripts and workflows now execute via the Morpheus Windows Agent instead of WinRM.
  • New Library Instance Type Filters for Technology and Category


  • Fix for macOS Agent install
  • Fix for provisioning and removing VMware Windows VM Instances with “_” included in Hostname.
  • UI Security Update


New Features

  • Administration: Local user accounts can now be disabled


  • AWS: Instances: Add Node: not propagating settings from original instance
  • Apps: Fix for broken image placeholder when creating a new app template in latest Chrome build.
  • Instances: Removed inaccessible links in sub-tenants for master tenant hosts and cloud
  • High Availability: Implementation of the quartz lock handler
  • Performance: WinRM Optimizations


New Features

  • API: Archives section added
  • API: Networks section added
  • OracleVM: Virtual Image disk count and sizes now auto-populate in provisioning wizard
  • Plans & Pricing: Additional decimal places allowed for in Prices and Costs
  • Policies: Lifecycle extension links in emails are now one-time use
  • Roles: System “User Admin” role is no longer multitenant


  • API: Billing query optimizations
  • API: Costs removed from API billing when accessing from sub-tenant user
  • App Template: Fix for App Template wizard not loading local Amazon Images
  • AWS: Fix for “Assign EIP” flag when subnet not set to auto-assign Public IP by default.
  • AWS: Fix for Converted to managed Instances attaching service plans and pricing
  • Azure: Fix for US Gov pricing shown on EU Azure plans
  • Clouds: Fix for starting VM from Virtual Machine list tab within Cloud
  • Instances: Fix for error on Actions -> Backup from main instances list on converted to managed Instances
  • Instances: Fix for inability to select a service plan when deploying HAProxy Instance Type in some environments
  • Instances: Fix for Virtual Machine link on Instance with Pending or Denied Approval status
  • Instances: Multiple regional Morpheus Virtual Image seed fixes
  • Library: Fix for Option Type variables not parsing when exported as Environment Variables
  • Monitoring: Fix for Incident re-open button
  • OracleVM: Fix for issue with multi-disk Virtual Images
  • OracleVM: Fix for Virtual Image dropdown showing unsupported Virtual Images
  • OracleVM: Fix for IP Assignment with Infoblox Integration
  • Plans and Pricing: Descriptions added for Volume Types
  • Reports: Fix for Analytics Report typos
  • Reports: Fixes for Sub-Tenants Cloud Reports
  • Reports: Tenant report removed from Sub-Tenants
  • Roles: Fix for Multitenant User Roles not propagating permission changes
  • UI: Fix for lower menu bar moving
  • Usage: Fix for multiple and duplicate records
  • vCenter: Fix for Hypervisor Console issue when multiple VMware clouds are sharing ESXi Hosts
  • vCenter: Fix for additional users not being created for Windows VMware instances when using static ip’s & Virtual Image credentials not populated
  • Virtual Images: Download option for Synced Virtual Images removed
  • Virtual Images: Fixes for error when adding Virtual Image with url with CIFS storage provider


New Features

  • Performance Improvements including optimization of Monitoring Availability Service
  • Ansible Windows Support
  • Error handling and tracking of Ansible runs in Instance History
  • Forced sync on Identity Source logins such as Active Directory
  • Policies added to CLI
  • Optimizations for Tenant creation via API
  • HAProxy Load Balancer restrictions for Tenants.
  • Identity Sources: Mapped Roles - Users now get default role & mapped role
  • <%=instance.createdByUsername%> variable added


  • Ansible provision - Instance warning status no longer shown when Ansible is not enabled during provisioning.
  • API account creation optimizations
  • Fix for Active Directory Group Role removal
  • Fix for Trial Version setting on Virtual Image not saving
  • Network Services: Bind DNS - wont load
  • Fix for Policy: Fixed Host Name not being enforced
  • Fix for Delete Tenant nested error messages
  • Instance Shutdown: Extend Now styling fix
  • Usage host status fixes
  • Softlayer: Environment Variables IP Address fix
  • Fix for OVM Bug when base image contains more disks than are configured in provision wizard
  • Fix for Permissions: Instance Types not respected account level role


v2.12.3 release date 10/24/2017

New Features

32-bit Agent Support
Morpheus Agent now supports 32-bit images
Cypher User Permission
New Roles Permission CYPHER -> USER allows user level decrypt permissions.
Improved VMware vCenter Session Management.
Connections pools significantly reduce vCenter API sessions from Morpheus.
Other Improvements
  • Parallel Instance Delete Improvements
  • Provisioning Status Task Improvements
  • Tenant Delete Improvements
  • Security Improvements


  • Fix for VMware Datastore selection not populating during provisioning in certain circumstances
  • Fix for System AMI Virtual Image region sync
  • Approval and Workflow inputs restored on shutdown policy form.

Morpheus v2.12.3 is available in the Downloads section of `<>`_.


v2.12.2 release date 10/9/2017

Morpheus v2.12.2 adds the ServiceNow CMDB Integration, improvements to existing Features and Integrations, and bug fixes and enhancements.

  • ServiceNow CMDB Integration: The Morpheus ServiceNow CMDB integration creates a CMDB record upon Instance provision, updates the CMDB state when an instance is removed, and syncs changed Instance states nightly.
  • Additional ServiceNow Plugin Improvements
  • “Disable Management of Firewall by Agent” option added to Cloud settings.
  • Editing existing Environment Variables support added for Windows
  • VMware Folder support added to apps and templates
  • Nutanix Unmanaged Network Static IP support added
  • Script Variables added for Volumes: id:, name:, deviceName: vol.deviceName, maxStorage: vol.maxStorage, unitNumber: vol.unitNumber,displayOrder: vol.displayOrder, rootVolume: vol.rootVolume
  • vmxnet3 set as default VMware Network Adapter type.
  • Chef bootstrap process output added to Instance History
  • Improved Tenant Deletion
  • Improved VMware Folder and Resource Pool sync
  • Mobile layout improvements
  • Local Chef install url for windows msi added.
  • Email layout improvements for broader email client support.
  • Chef Integration now determines when FQDN should not be added.
  • Improved Provisioning error outputs
  • Improvements to User scoped permissions for monitoring, logs and backups.


  • Fix for Bulk Network Edit
  • Fix for DHCP flag being reset on Nutanix networks upon cloud sync.
  • Fix for Agent timestamp handling
  • Fix for Dashboard 500 error when user Role Permissions = Monitoring : User
  • Fix for Netscaler SSL cert upload
  • Fix for server stop/start when inventoried server is converted to managed and Instance Type is applied.
  • Additional character handling in Automation Scripts
  • Fix for Remove Shutdown Instance Action hanging
  • Fix for Instance History purge
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

Morpheus v2.12.2 is available in the Downloads section of `<>`_.


Morpheus v2.12.1 adds Console Copy & Paste, VMware Folders, expanded User Scoping Permissions, Nutanix additions, Infoblox additions, and many other Improvements and Fixes.

New Features

Console Copy & Paste
  • Copy button added to copy selected text to local Clipboard.
  • Paste field added to paste text from local Clipboard. Right click in console to then paste to target.
Additional User Scoping
  • Role permissions can now be set to User for Monitoring, Backup, and Logs sections.
  • Users will only see information related to their Instances in the corresponding sections, as well as on the Dashboard, when Role permission is set to User
  • VMware Folders now sync and can be targeted for VM and Image destinations, set to active/inactive, and assigned Tenant permissions.
  • Storage Type can now be set to Thick or Thin in VMware Cloud settings.
  • Boot from ISO support added. ISO’s can now be selected to boot from for VMware provisioning, and can fully be installed using the Hypervisor Console.
  • Eject Disk Action also added for VMware technology Instance Types.
  • Instances can now be converted to Images in Nutanix using the Import as Image Action. A Virtual Image record with matching meta-data will also be automatically created.
  • Disk and Network type selection added to Nutanix technology Instance Types.
  • Network Interface Type Selection can be enabled in Nutanix Cloud settings.
  • Display Name column added to IP Pools to better identify IP Pools synced from Nutanix.
  • Network Filter field added to Infoblox settings. Allows for filtering by field, exact match or regular expression, as well as searching on extended attributes. EX: [ network_view=default&*Building=work ]
  • Tenant Match Attribute field added to Infoblox settings. Allow for auto-assignment of IP pool Groups and individual IP Pools to a tenant.

Other Additions and Improvements

  • Trial Version flag added under Virtual Images -> Edit Virtual Image -> Advanced Options. Flagging a Windows Image as Trial Version will re-arm the trial during provisioning.
  • F5 Load Balancer improvements
  • HA Proxy Load Balancer improvements
  • Citrix Load Balancer improvements
  • Chef improvements
  • Provisioning: Allow Force Delete
  • UI/API/CLI Security Improvements
  • Process Service Improvements
  • Add Node Action will now only show compatible clouds as target options.
  • Windows 2012 R2 AMI System Image improvements.
  • Redis System Images improvements.
  • New Role Permission: Provisioning: Allow Force Delete


  • Fix for browser language settings adding commas in Plans & Pricing -> Pricing.
  • Fix for Hyper-V and Openstack technology types in Library -> Node Type -> Image dropdown.
  • Fix for File Upload in Virtual Images and Archives when using NFSv3 Storage Provider target.
  • Fixes for synced Image Record duplication.
  • Fix for extra Sub-Tenant Groups automatically being created during Sub-Tenant creation.
  • Fix for Nutanix - Windows- Create Additional user.
  • Fix for respecting Xen Custom Cores value.
  • Fix fir CentOS 6 agent install when using multiple LVM based volumes.
  • Fix for Infrastructure -> Network -> Services -> Add Service -> Consul modal.
  • Fix for Morpheus Wordpress Images: Load Balancer - no port available.
  • Fix for Dual name fields in Networks -> Services -> add Microsoft DNS


2.12.0 Release Notes

Contains everything from 2.11.4 release, plus:

  • Azure Custom Image Support: Morpheus users can now upload private images into Morpheus , and then provision those onto an Azure cloud.
  • User Provisioning Notifications: Provisioning e-mail notifications are configurable in user settings.
  • Fix for removing Clouds from Groups
  • Fix for Puppet agent install for Tasks and Group/Cloud integrations
  • Fix for Nutanix backup and restore when using custom library items
  • Additional Openstack ssl support


New Features

Network IP Override
Networks can now be configured to allow overriding IP configuration and selecting between DHCP, Static IP entry, or IP Pools at provision time.
Windows License Management
Windows license can now be assigned to virtual images a applied during provisioning. License can be managed in the new Licenses section under Admin - Provisioning.
Salt Windows Support
Salt Minions can now be installed on Windows Operating Systems via the Automation Engine. The source repo can also be customized and the minions can be successfully registered to both syndic master layouts as well as standard master layouts
Xen Reconfigure
Memory, Cores, Disk Size, Disks, and Networks can now be reconfigure on Xen instances and Hosts.
Debian 8 OS Support
Support for Debian 8 and 9 added to Agent. Debian 8.8 vmdk added to Morpheus Catalog.
Cloud Sync Update
90%+ reduction in VMware cloud sync time. Last Sync date and Sync Duration added to cloud detail pages.
Agent time normalization
Logging and stats data is now converted to appliance time in the cases VM time is offset.
Added support for querying ESXi hosts for Virtual Switch UUID::
vCenter user used for VMware cloud integration no longer requires propagating datacenter permissions for provisioning.
Hostname routing added for Amazon ALB’s
Allows multiple hosts to share the same port
Shutdown renewals
Shutdown policy extension lease timeframe now begins at the time of extension approval for instances already shut down by the policy, rather than from the end of the previous lease.

Additional updates:

  • Source column added to Virtual Images list page
  • Tenants columns added to Networks list view
  • Cloud Status column added to Cloud list view
  • Improvements to host cpu, power and memory statistics.
  • SEK currency support added
  • Asynchronous cloud delete added


  • Fix for agent install and stop/start in inventoried AWS instances that are converted to Managed.
  • Fix for Openstack disabled forced SSL validation
  • Fix for Nutanix image sync issue with region codes
  • Scaling improvements
  • Windows agent install improvements
  • Fix for editing Appliance Backup settings
  • Fix for Role Permissions: Apps = User
  • Fix for Max Storage policy enforcement
  • Fix for uploaded OVA’s Virtual Image type
  • Linux ssh console aspect ratio change in 2.11.3 reverted
  • Network Groups improvements
  • Security Improvements

v2.11.3 & 2.10.8


ACCOUNTS has been renamed to TENANTS in v2.11.3

New Features

Task phase execution
Set phase and execution order for tasks in Workflows. Workflow detail pages added. Drag n’ drop reordering added to scripts in node types. Restart task type added.
Load Balancer improvements
New Balance mode, sticky mode, shared VIP address options, Load Balancer Detail Pages
ServiceNow Plugin
Add Morpheus clouds and Instance types for complete provisioning within Service now
Archives Service
Archives provides a way to store your files and make them available for download by your Scripts and Users.
Network Groups
Network Groups provide round robin network pooling capabilities when provisioning instances. These are most useful when scaling multiple vms across various subnets or availability zones.
Groups Access added to Networks
Networks can now be assigned to individual Groups and set as the default choice for a group.
Featured Instance Types
Instance types in the Library can now be flagged as Featured to be added to the new Featured Instance Types filter in the Provisioning wizard. Please note once at least one Instance Type is featured, the provisioning wizard will default to the Featured filter. Simply click the All Instance Types filter to see your entire catalog.
Group Lifecycle Policies
Now apply to instances that are converted from unmanaged to managed
New Reports section
Completely rebuilt reports section. Customizable capacity and usage reports with versioning.
Cost Tracking
Instance and host cost reporting available via UI and API. Prices added to instance and host detail pages.
Refreshed Instances Section
Instance list makeover with new charts, cloud, group and health info added.
Instance Locking
Instances can now be locked to prevent deletion.
Move Instances
Instances can now be moved between groups by editing the instance and selecting the group dropdown to assign the instance to a new group.
“User” Provisioning permission added to Roles
Allows permitting a user to only see their own instances.
“Remote Console Auto-Login” permission added to Roles
Please note NLA must be disabled in Windows RPD settings if auto-login is set to “no”. This permission does not apply when using VMware hypervisor console option.
New storage Provider types
NFSv3 and CIFS (Windows Samba File Sharing) added
Expanded variable support
Custom variables can now be used in Naming policies, including variables from options types.
Process output added to instance history
See process output per action in new Instance History detail modal.
Instance notes section
Add custom notes to instances, with markdown support.
Expanded Inventorying
Inventory Existing Instance option added to Softlayer and VMware fusion cloud types
Salt, Ansible and Chef improvements
Includes Ansible and Salt integration detail pages.
Integration detail page
Detail pages added for all integration with added functionality per integration.
Timezone option added to cloud settings
Users can now specify which timezone to set during guest customization.
Force guest customization added
Flag added for vmdk Virtual Images configuration (Advanced Settings- Force Guest Customization)
Enable Settings Flag on library items configuration
This setting exposes the Settings tab for appropriate instance types in the Instance Detail page.
  • Deployment option added to Provisioning wizard
  • IBMid support added to Softlayer*
  • Windows 2012 AMI option added to default Windows Instance Type*
  • Starting, stopping phases added to Instance status
  • Manage Network Interfaces from Instance and Host detail pages
  • Advanced Options- Status selection for Instances
  • White Label mobile formatting improvements
  • Source Image info and link added to Instance and Host detail pages
  • Restart task type added (restarts target)
  • API Allowed Origins support added
  • Accounts renamed to tenants
  • Multi-select added for tenant network assignment*
  • Inventory Level setting added for Azure clouds with Basic and Full (API Heavy)
  • Xen NFS, Multi-network support added
  • KVM Multi-Network support added, Multi-network driver
  • ESXi Multi-Network support added

2.11.3 and 2.10.8 Fixes

  • Fixed issue with deleted Tenants stuck in removing due to Openstack cloud security groups not flushing
  • Fixed Nutanix- Virtual Image duplication and cleanup
  • Fixed Nutanix images not available in Node Type image dropdown
  • Fixed Hostname field in Apps and Templates not applying to Windows instances.
  • Fixed fields Apps Wizard Layout section not saving when custom Service Plan was selected.
  • Fix for Chef bootstrap on Windows instances in Azure
  • Instance list layout fixes.
  • Xen Image sync fix
  • Fix for instance list for sub-accounts
  • Fix for Bluecat network query
  • Dashboard- Recent Activity now only shows activity from Groups the user has access to
  • User permission fixes
  • Stopping an Azure instance now deallocates it in Azure
  • Fix for Group user permission when Clouds permission is set to “none”
  • Digital Ocean Naming Fixes
  • Fix for duplicate price entries on public cloud price sync