New Features

Power Scheduling
New Operations: Power Scheduling Feature. Set weekly schedules for shutdown and startup times for Instances and VM’s, apply Power Schedules to Instances pre or post-provisioning, apply Power Schedule policies on Group or Clouds, or use Guidance to automatically recommend and apply optimized Power Schedules.
Currency Conversions
Pricing is now converted to the currency set on a Tenant with nightly currency conversions for pricing using exchange rates.
Datastore Group Permissions
Set which Groups can access a Datastore in the Datastore’s Group Access settings.
HP OneView Summary tab
Summary tab added to HP OneView Cloud Detail pages displaying Type, Name, Slot, Model, Serial Number, and Status of Chassis Blades
Network Groups - Round Robin per Instance support
Instance Networks now selected via round robin when using a Network Group, including multiple networks on the same VM, or multiple VMs in the same instance.
Legacy App Template Conversion
App Templates from earlier Morpheus builds are converted to support v3.0+ App Template features.
New Cloud Types
vCloud Director and IBM Bluemix Platform Cloud Types added (beta).

Other Additions

  • Reports -> Print added
  • Azure Multi-network Support added
  • VMware async provisioning
  • 32-bit Morpheus Agent
  • Ubuntu 16.04 added for SoftLayer, DigitalOcean, and Bluemix Morpheus Instance Types
  • API and CLI updates: Image Builder, Apps, Templates, Archives, –yaml support added.
  • Fix for java args in Apps Deployments


There is a potential issue with application startup on fresh installs using Ubuntu 14.04 with Kernel 3.19.xx. If the Morpheus app does not start properly, please upgrade the Linux kernel and restart the morpheus-ui.