Add a Google Cloud


All of the required Goole Cloud credentials can be found in the .json file created when generating a key for a Google Cloud service account.

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure -> Clouds

  2. Select + CREATE CLOUD, select Google Cloud, and then click Next.

  3. Enter the following into the Create Cloud modal:


    Name of the Cloud in Morpheus


    Description field for adding notes on the cloud, such as location.


    For setting cloud permissions in a multi-tenant environment. Not applicable in single tenant environments.

    Project ID

    Google Cloud Project ID

    Private Key

    Service Account Private key, begging with —–BEGIN PRIVATE KEY—–` and ending with `—–END PRIVATE KEY—–

    Client Email

    Service Account Client Email. ex:


    Regions will auto-populate upon successful authentication with the above credentials. Select appropriate region for this Cloud.

    Inventory Existing Instances

    If enabled, existing Google Instances will be inventoried and appear as unmanaged Virtual Machines in Morpheus .


Morpheus scopes clouds to single regions. Multiple clouds can be added for multi-region support, and then optionally added to the same group.

The Cloud can now be added to a Group or configured with additional Advanced options.

Finally, add Google Cloud to an existing Group or create a new Group, and you have now integrated Morpheus with Google Cloud!