The Infrastructure -> Hosts section provides a universal stage for viewing and managing Hosts and Virtual Machines from all of your Clouds.

In this section you can:

  • View & Manage all Hosts, Virtual Machines & Bare Metal
  • Provision Docker & KVM Hosts
  • Convert existing hosts to Docker & KVM Hosts
  • Add Hypervisors
  • Convert Hosts, Virtual Machines and Bare Metal to Managed


Hosts in Morpheus are Hypervisors and Docker Hosts that your VM’s and Container are hosted on, such as ESXi, Hyper-V and Docker Hosts. These Hosts are populated from integrated clouds, hosts provisioned form Morpheus, or manually added Hosts.

Virtual Machines

The Virtual Machines tab lists all Managed and Unmanaged VM’s across Morpheus . Managed VM’s are either provisioned by Morpheus, or inventoried VM’s that were converted to managed. Unmanaged VM’s are from Cloud integrations with “Inventory Existing Instances” enabled in the Cloud settings.

Bare Metal

Bare Metal hosts are from PXE Boot or manually added in this section. Bare Metal hosts that are also Hypervisors will be listed in both the Bare Metal and Hypervisor sections.

Docker Hosts


Morpheus can provision Docker Hosts into any cloud, convert existing Hosts to Docker Hosts, or even make itself a Docker Host.


To add a Docker Host to any cloud:

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure -> Hosts
  2. Click the +CONTAINER HOST button
  3. Select a container host type
  1. Select a Group
  1. Enter the following:
  • Name
  • Description
  • Visibility
  • Select a Cloud
  • Enter tags (optional)

Then click NEXT.

  1. Configure the host options
Select a Service Plan (Volume, Memory and CPU count fields may not be shown if selected service plan does not have custom options enabled).
  • Add and set size the volumes
  • Set memory size
  • Set the CPU count
  • Select a network
Optionally configure the following:
  • OS username
  • OS password
  • Domain name
  • Hostname (default is the name previously provided for the container host)

Then click the NEXT button

  1. Optionally add any Automation Workflows and configure for Backups.
  1. Review and click Complete to save

Your new container host will begin provisioning, and soon be running and ready for containers.