Setup New Appliance

The Morpheus CLI can be used to setup a freshly installed Morpheus Appliance.

First, add your remote appliance with remote add

morpheus remote add myappliance --use

Note that the --use option is not necessary if this is the first and only appliance in your CLI config

Now, use the remote setup command to walk you through setting up your appliance.

morpheus remote setup

This will prompt you for all the settings required to initialize the appliance, and then log you as the new master System Admin user.

Morpheus Appliance Setup

It looks like you're the first one here.
Let's initialize your remote appliance at

Create Master account

Master Account Name: root

Create Master User

First Name (optional):
Last Name (optional):
Username: james
Confirm Password:

Initial Setup

Appliance Name: myappliance
Appliance URL []:
Enable Backups (yes/no) [no]:
Enable Monitoring (yes/no) [yes]:
Enable Logs (yes/no) [yes]:
Initializing the appliance...

You have successfully setup the appliance.
You are now logged in as the System Admin james.

Would you like to apply your License Key now? (yes/no) [yes]:    
License Key: <your key>

Do you want to create the first group now? (yes/no) [yes]:
Name: g1
Code (optional):
Location (optional):
Added group g1

Morpheus Groups

=> | 1  | g1   |          | 0      | 0    

Viewing 1-1 of 1

# => Currently using g1

Do you want to create the first cloud now? (yes/no) [yes]:
Cloud Type ['?' for options]: Morpheus
Name: c1
Code (optional):
Location (optional):
Visibility (optional) [private] ['?' for options]:

Cloud Details

ID: 1
Name: c1
Type: Morpheus
Code: standard
Visibility: Private
Groups: g1
Status: OK

Cloud Servers (0)

 Container Hosts: 0    Hypervisors: 0      Bare Metal: 0    Virtual Machines: 0     Unmanaged: 0    

That’s it, your appliance is ready for use now, and you’ve already created your first Group and Cloud.

This command can only be done once.

morpheus remote setup
Appliance has already been setup