The CLI provides a command called shell that allows you enter an interactive shell.

This is a convenient way to test things out quickly, and to avoid prefixing your commands with morpheus

Open a shell

morpheus shell

Now you may run all the available commands like so:

morpheus> remote use qa
morpheus> login
morpheus> clouds list

To see the list of all available commands, use help

morpheus> help

TAB can be used to auto-complete the name of a command or any aliases you’ve defined.

CTRL + R can be used to search for available commands and previously executed commands.

The and arrow keys can be used to navigate through the shell history.

To see a list of all the commands you’ve executed in a shell, use history

morpheus> history
Last 4 commands
  1  flush-history
  2  groups list
  3  clouds list
  4  instances list

Historical commands can be executed by prefixing the command number with !

morpheus> !2

And again, just like bash, you can re-execute the last command with !!

morpheus> !!

The flush-history command can be used to delete the shell history.

It is possible to execute multiple commands sequentially inside a shell, like this:

morpheus> instances stats 7; instances stats 8; instances stats 9

You may define an Alias within a shell, which will persist through subsequent shells.

morpheus shell
morpheus> alias restart-711='instances restart "My Test Instance"'
morpheus> restart-711
morpheus> exit
morpheus shell
morpheus> restart-711

To exit a shell, use exit

morpheus> exit