Morpheus provides a very simple and convenient upgrade process. In most cases it is simply a matter of installing the new package on top of itself and reconfiguring the services.


All services except the morpheus-ui must be running during a reconfigure. The morpheus-ui also must be restarted or stopped and started during an upgrade. Failure to do so will result in errors.

Debian / Ubuntu

Simply download the latest package or request the latest package from your account service representative.

Then run the install process as follows:

sudo dpkg -i morpheus-appliance_x.x.x-1.amd64.deb
sudo morpheus-ctl stop morpheus-ui
sudo morpheus-ctl reconfigure
sudo morpheus-ctl start morpheus-ui

This typically is enough to complete a full upgrade. Databases will automatically be migrated upon restart of the application and service version upgrades will automatically be applied.


Yum based package upgrades are a little different. In this case we want to run a rpm -U command as the package manager is slightly different.

sudo rpm -Uhv morpheus-appliance-x.x.x-1.x86_64.rpm
sudo morpheus-ctl stop morpheus-ui
sudo morpheus-ctl reconfigure
sudo morpheus-ctl start morpheus-ui


Sometimes it may be necessary to restart all appliance services on the host. In order to do this simply type sudo morpheus-ctl restart. This will restart ALL services.

Import Trusted Certificates


The following applies if you are upgrading and have modified the java keystore.

Steps to import trusted certificates to Morpheus after an upgrade.

  1. Obtain the full SSL certificate chain in PEM format.

  2. Copy them to each appliance and place them in the /etc/morpheus/ssl/trusted_certificates directory.

  3. Run morpheus-ctl reconfigure on each appliance, note you don’t need to stop Morpheus before you run this.

  4. Run the following command as root:

    export PATH=/opt/morpheus/sbin:/opt/morpheus/sbin:/opt/morpheus/embedded/sbin:/opt/morpheus/embedded/bin:$PATH
  5. Run the following command for each certificate in the chain, adjusting the file and alias name as needed. Answer yes for the root certificate when asked it you want to trust it.

    /opt/morpheus/embedded/java/bin/keytool -import -keystore /opt/morpheus/embedded/java/lib/security/cacerts -trustcacerts -file /etc/morpheus/ssl/trusted_certs/root_ca.pem -alias some_alias -storepass changeit
  6. Verify by running:

    openssl s_client -connect host:port -showcerts -tls1_2``
  7. You should get an output similar to:

    New, TLSv1/SSLv3, Cipher is ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384
    Server public key is 2048 bit
    Secure Renegotiation IS supported
    No ALPN negotiated
    Protocol : TLSv1.2
    Cipher  : ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384
    Session-ID: 5D9E820E4FF2A73A9977BA663E6029AA5415FEE85F49D8B1E541F5997C8E1FB2
    Master-Key: 29EEC2E7750C659AECB9942902D9A87B824E571522812B718420FC08F8D2ACE68CB16EC812A7D90B12A86D1970FFD81C
    Key-Arg  : None
    PSK identity: None
    PSK identity hint: None
    SRP username: None
    Start Time: 1547219217
    Timeout  : 7200 (sec)
    Verify return code: 0 (ok) #<----------------
  8. If the certificates are installed correctly you should see Verify return code: 0 (ok). If they were not installed correctly then you will see a return similar to: Verify return code: 21 (unable to verify the first certificate)

  9. Repeat for all App Nodes

Morpheus UI war files

Pre-release or patched versions of the Morpheus UI are sometimes provided. To deploy the ui war on a Morpheus Appliance:

  1. Download the war file to the target appliance

    wget https://url/war_file


    If the war file is provided via a droplr link, ensure a + is added to end of droplr url or the file will not download

  2. Backup current war file

    sudo mv /opt/morpheus/lib/morpheus/morpheus-ui.war /opt/morpheus/lib/morpheus/morpheus-ui.bak.`date +"%m-%d-%Y"`
  3. Move and rename new war file

    sudo mv <file> /opt/morpheus/lib/morpheus/morpheus-ui.war
  4. Ensure war is owned by morpheus-app

    sudo chown morpheus-app.morpheus-app /opt/morpheus/lib/morpheus/morpheus-ui.war
  5. Restart the Morpheus UI

    sudo morpheus-ctl restart morpheus-ui

The new ui war will load on startup!