Restart a Morpheus InstallationΒΆ

If the initial reconfigure is stopped or your installation is damaged beyond reconfiguring again, it may be necessary to start over.

On the Morpheus appliance:

  1. Run morpheus-ctl cleanse

  2. Remove the Morpheus package

    • deb: dpkg --purge morpheus-appliance... using the appropriate package name.
    • rpm: rpm -e (morpheus-appliance...) using the appropriate package name.
  3. Then Run

    rm -rf /etc/morpheus
    rm -rf /var/opt/morpheus
    rm -rf /var/run/morpheus
    rm -rf /var/log/morpheus
    rm -rf /opt/morpheus
  4. Re-install Morpheus

If the elasticsearch cluster is unhealthy and needs purged, run:

sudo morpheus-ctl stop elasticsearch
sudo rm -rf /var/opt/morpheus/elasticsearch/data/morpheus
sudo morpheus-ctl reconfigure

If eleasticsearch does not restart during reconfigure:

sudo morpheus-ctl start elasticsearch