Getting Started

Welcome to the Morpheus API Documentation. Morpheus is a powerful provisioning service complete with monitoring, logging, backups, and application deployment strategies.

We currently provide an OAUTH 2.0 based authentication model and are working on language specific libraries for ruby and a few others.


The Morpheus API follows the OAuth 2.0 Specification and acts as an OAUTH 2.0 provider. To authorize your account you will need to use the same credentials you normally use to login to morpheus which will provide you with an accessToken as well as a refreshToken.

To authorize, use this code:
# With shell, you can just pass the correct header with each request
curl -X POST --data "username=meow&password=meow" "https://morpheus-appliance-url/oauth/token?grant_type=password&scope=write&client_id=morph-customer"

  "access_token": "d0cc2cc4-f7f5-4713-a874-34491e7707de",
  "expires_in": 31535996,
  "refresh_token": "cda88865-f88d-4ed9-a621-424d9361beb2",
  "scope": "write",
  "token_type": "bearer"
Make sure to replace morpheus-appliance-url with your appliance url and meow with your username and password.

Morpheus expects all api requests to use the resultant access_token from the request made during authentication. This can be passed via the Authorization header. Be sure to replace the access_token with the actual token received from the OAuth request.

Authorization: BEARER access_token