Release Date 5/24/2018


If upgrading from versions earlier than 3.2.0 please follow the 3.2.0+ upgrade instructions below the release notes.


Appliance Elasticsearch communication in 3.3.1+ switches from transport protocol 9300 port to http 9200

3.3.2 New Features

  • Agent: Support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS added
  • Alibaba: Docker Host support added
  • Alibaba: Virtual Image upload added
  • API: Virtual Image Upload via url added
  • API: Identity Source added
  • API: Instance config and volume details added
  • Apps: New default Blueprint logos
  • Auditing: Now support the ability to export the audit log from user interactions to a SIEM tool
  • Auditing: AuditLogService added to morpheus-ui logs
  • Azure: Scale Set threshold validation added
  • Bluecat: New method added for instant dns record deployments
  • Blueprints: Templates have been renamed to Blueprints
  • Blueprints: Default Blueprint type option added to Administration - Provisioning
  • Blueprints: ARM: Support for “concat” and “copies” added
  • Blueprints: Terraform: AWS support added
  • Blueprints: Terraform: Support for variable instance names added
  • Blueprints: Terraform: Oracle Cloud support added
  • Blueprints: Terraform failures surface on the app details page
  • Blueprints: Terraform: Variables now surface in App wizard
  • Global Search: Quick results added to header search
  • Infoblox: Support for custom extended attributes added
  • Instance Wizard: Code reworked for optimizations
  • Infrastructure: Updated delete dialog text
  • Keys & Certs: Services section added
  • Keys & Certs: Venafi service added
  • Keys & Certs: EC type public key support added
  • Keys & Certs: Upload keypair option added
  • Kubernetes: Ports no longer need to be defined on custom library items
  • Kubernetes: Added icon for Kubernetes instance type
  • KVM: Caching virtual machines now include metadata on network and storage volumes attached to a KVM VM
  • KVM: Re-factored LVM implementation of KVM to allocate a volume per disk instead of nested QCOW2 files
  • KVM: VM Inventory added
  • Network Services: phpIPAM integration added
  • Plans & Pricing: Max disk limit added to plans
  • Reports: Tenant filtering added to Usage Reports
  • Reports: Cost Reports added with Application, Cloud, Group, Instance and Tenant Cost Reports
  • Reports: Usage Reports: Tenant Usage Report Added
  • Roles: Trust Services permission added. Controls Infra > Keys & Certs > Services access and Admin > Integrations > Add (trust options)
  • ServiceNow: Kingston certification added for Morpheus SNOW Plugin
  • Users: Password confirmation fields added for Linux and Windows users
  • vCloud Director: Custom Plans support added
  • vCloud Director: Docker Host support added
  • vCloud Director: Reconfigure added
  • VMware: Instance Notes sync added

3.3.2 Fixes

  • Fix for tenant delete that fails if an app with custom tiers is used to create an app
  • Fix for Alibaba Cloud sync delay
  • Fix for Alibaba release EIP not respected when deleting VM
  • Fix for Alibaba network being recreated on sync
  • Fix for Alibaba instance validation not completing
  • Fix for Alibaba instance name validation
  • Fix for Xen snapshots not being cleaned up
  • Fix to show existing VM’s in Alibaba inventory
  • Fix for deleting SCVMM cloud
  • Fix for style issue with load balancer advanced options
  • Fix for Veeam Templates/Jobs not populating
  • Fix for Oracle Cloud VM. VM will restart after it is resized
  • Fix for VMware storage containers where adding a controller would clear the volume type
  • Fix for extra backup that’s created on an Azure Scale Set instance
  • Fix for Azure Scale Set instance data issues
  • Fix for MacStadium creating a duplicate VM after cloud sync
  • Fix for Alibaba cloud not cleaning security groups when deleted
  • Fix for Oracle Cloud users not being created for non-cloudinit images
  • Fix for Service Now incident level update
  • Fix for KVM multidisk provision
  • Fix for Bluemix Platform not cleaning up service library items
  • Fix for Alibaba not using available EIP
  • Fix for missing price component
  • Fix for Kubernetes host cert issue
  • Fix for Windows Cloudbase-init userdata and DNS client settings missing
  • Fix for wrong Ethernet adapter type being set on uploaded Windows images
  • Fix for Alibaba backups not getting deleted when instance is deleted
  • Fix for KVM provision not respecting host selection
  • Fix for Cloud Foundry user permissions
  • Fix for manual KVM host deletion error
  • Fix for permissions on default storage path
  • Fix for Openstack cloud service plans assigned to subtenants
  • Fix for default instance deployment
  • Fix for Alibaba ‘preserve volume’ not working on delete
  • Fix for system instance type: macOS
  • Fix for expired backup archived not deleting on S3
  • Fix for unintended firewall evaluation when using shared resource in an app
  • Fix for KVM App/Template issues
  • Fix for Last Deployment: Never Deployment phrasing
  • Fix for CentOS 7.2 Answer File in boot configurator for PXE


If upgrading from versions earlier than 3.2.0 please follow the 3.2.0+ upgrade instructions below