IP Pools

Infrastructure -> Network -> IP Pools


The Networks IP Pools sections allows you to create Morpheus IP Pools, which is an IP Range Morpheus can use to assign available static IP addresses to instances. The IP Pool section also displays pools from IPAM integrations like Infoblox and Bluecat.

To add a Morpheus Network Pool

  1. Select + ADD in the Infrastructure -> Network -> IP Pools section
  2. Enter the following:
    Name of the IP Pool in Morpheus . The name is presented when selecting an IP Pool for a Network, so use a name that easily identifies the IP Pool.
    Starting Address
    The starting IP address of the IP Pool address range. ex:
    Ending Address:
    The ending IP address of the IP Pool address range. ex:
  3. Save Changes


Multiple Address Ranges can be added to a pool by selecting the + icon next to the address range.

After saving the IP pool will be available for assignment to networks in the NETWORK POOL dropdown when adding or editing a network.