The Kubernetes Cloud type allow users to inventory and provision to existing Kubernetes clusters. New Kubernetes clusters can also be provisioning using Docker mode setting in clouds and provisioning new Docker hosts.

Add Kubernetes Cloud

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure -> Clouds

  2. Select + CREATE CLOUD, select Kubernetes Cloud, and then click Next.

  3. Enter the following into the Create Cloud modal:


    Name of the Cloud in Morpheus


    Description field for adding notes on the cloud, such as location.


    For setting cloud permissions in a multi-tenant environment. Not applicable in single tenant environments.


    Kubernetes API URL


    Kubernetes User API Token

    Inventory Existing Instances

    If enabled, existing Containers will be inventoried and appear in the Containers tab for the Kubernetes Cloud..

  4. Save Changes

Create Kubernetes Cluster

Kubernetes Clusters can be provisioned into any Cloud Type by setting the CONTAINER MODE to Kubernetes in the Advanced Settings of a Cloud.


The CONTAINER MODE must be set prior to provisioning any Docker Hosts. Once Docker Hosts exist in a Cloud, the CONTAINER MODE setting cannot be changed.

Once the CONTAINER MODE is set on a Cloud, a Kubernetes Cluster can be created by selecting + CONTAINER HOST -> Kubernetes Master and then Kubernetes Worker from Infrastructure -> Hosts or Infrastructure -> Clouds -> select Cloud -> Hosts.


For the Kubernetes Cluster to be successfully created, the Kubernetes Master must finish provisioning before the worker(s) are created. Do not start provisioning a worker in the cluster until the Master is completed.