Monitoring Integrations

While Morpheus provides a fantastic means for determining uptime and availability of both services and VMs sometimes more is needed. A good example of this is performance application monitoring. To solve this several external integrations are provided out of the box. Even some external integrations with regards to incident management are provided.


AppDynamics is a very powerful performance and application monitoring tool. It features advanced correlation features and profiling capabilities for a very wide range of application platforms including native Docker support. Due to the level of capabilities of AppDyanmics there are more required settings to integrate it with Morpheus . To get started expand the section in Admin -> Monitoring related to AppDynamics and toggle it to Enabled. There are several fields here that need filled out. Once completed hit save and all hosts will automatically be configured to install the AppDynamics agent.

AppDynamics is capable of begin run as a paid SaaS based service as well as an on premise installation and Morpheus supports both configurations. Most input fields related to connecting to AppDynamics provide helpful tips as to what information exactly needs provided and where to acquire it.


New Relic is a very popular service based performance monitoring tool. It supports a wide variety of application platforms and is a breeze to configure with Morpheus . Another great feature of new relic is its ability to monitor the server applications run on and provide additional stats. To do this an agent needs to be installed and configured on each server. Fortunately, this is performed automatically for every vm and docker host provisioned within Morpheus . To turn on the integration simply go to Admin -> Monitoring and expand the section titled “New Relic”. There it is simply a matter of toggling the Enabled setting to on and entering the New Relic account API Key.

Service Now

Service now integration is provided out of the box with Morpheus . To add a service now integration simply visit the ‘Monitoring Settings’ section in Admin -> Monitoring. This allows one to map incident severity levels to equivalent severities in ServiceNow.

To enable service now simply expand the section labelled “ServiceNow” in Admin -> Monitoring. Toggle the enabled flag and enter the Host, User, and Password information required to connect to ServiceNow. The other options below include behaviors upon new incidents being opened and old incidents closing. It also includes a table for mapping Morpheus incident severity levels to their ServiceNow counterparts.