Backup Settings

Administration -> Backups


The Backups Settings page allows you enable or disableScheduled Backups, and select a Default Backup Storage Provider Backups within Morpheus can always be run manually. However the scheduled backups toggle must be enabled to run jobs automatically. Configure the default storage provider to select the target location for all new backups. (This does not affect existing backups.)

Morpheus Backup Settings


Scheduled Backups
Enable automatic scheduled backups for provisioned instances.
Create Backups
When enabled, Morpheus will automatically configure instances for manual or scheduled backups.
Copy Snapshots to Store
Copy VMware snapshots to selected Backup
Storage Provider
Default Backups Storage Provider
Backup Appliance
When enabled, a Backup will be created to backup the Morpheus appliance database. Select the Backup text link to edit Appliance Backup Settings and view existing Appliance Backups.
Default Backup Provider
Enable/Disable Morpheus as the default backup provider.
Default Backup Storage Provider
Storage Providers can be configured and managed in the Infrastructure Storage section.
Backup Retention Count
Default maximum number of successful backups to retain.

Veeam Settings

Enable the Veeam integration
Default Backup Provider
Sets Veeam as the Default Backup Provider in Morpheus . Backup Providers can also be configured per Backup.

Sets visibility in multi-tenant Morpheus environments:

  • Public: Accessible by all Tenants
  • Private: Accessible only to the Tenant the Veeam integration is added.
Host name or the IP address of the Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager. This is the same host that you use to access the Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager browser-based user interface.
The HTTP(S) port of the Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager API. The default is 9399.
The username used to authenticate with the Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager.
The password used to authenticate with the Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager.
Backup Repositories
Once credentials are authenticated, search will populate available Veeam Repositories to select from.
Backup Job Templates
The backup jobs configured in the Veeam Backup and Replication Console that can be cloned when creating new backup jobs.
Refresh Available Jobs
Use to sync newly created Jobs in Veeam.


Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager must be installed on the Veeam server in order to successfully integrate Morpheus with Veeam.


Once a Veeam Integration has been enabled, a VEEAM SERVER setting will be available in VMware and Hyper-V cloud settings (Infrastructure -> Clouds -> Edit a Cloud). To enable backups on a cloud, a Veeam server must be selected in the VEEAM SERVER dropdown of the cloud settings and saved. Failure to do so will result in blank Backup Repositories and Backup Job Templates options when configuring Veeam Backups during provisioning.

Commvault Settings

Enable the Commvault integration
Default Backup Provider
Sets Commvault as the Default Backup Provider in Morpheus . Backup Providers can be configured per Instance backup settings.
IP or Hostname of the Commvault server.
Port configured to access the Commvault server
Commvault server Username
Admin Username for Commvault
Password for Username provided (encrypted in Morpheus )