Backup Settings

Administration > Backups


The Backup settings page allows you enable or disable scheduled backups, select a default backup bucket, and administer global settings related to backups. Changes to global settings only affect new backups going forward and do not affect existing backups.

Morpheus Backup Settings

Scheduled Backups
Enable automatic scheduled backups for provisioned instances
Create Backups
When enabled, Morpheus will automatically configure instances for manual or scheduled backups
Backup Appliance
When enabled, a backup will be created for the Morpheus appliance database. Select the Backup text link to view or edit settings related to the appliance backup
Default Backup Bucket
Select an existing bucket as the default for future backup runs. Click the Infrastructure Storage text link to add a new storage bucket to Morpheus if needed
Default Backup Schedule
Choose a default schedule interval for automated backups. The available selections in this dropdown menu are Execution Schedules defined in Provisioning > Automation > Execute Scheduling
Default Backup Retention
Choose the default number of backups to be retained for automated Instance and appliance backup jobs