Upgrading Overview


Morpheus v4.1.2+ requires Elasticsearch 7.x. Earlier versions of Morpheus ran against Elasticsearch v5.x.

  • The Elasticsearch version for Appliance configurations with the default local Elasticsearch target will automatically be upgraded and no manual upgrade is required.
  • For Appliance configurations with an existing external Elasticsearch service, an upgrade of Elasticsearch to v7.x is required to upgrade Morpheus to v4.1.2+.
  • Morpheus can also be pointed to a new Elasticsearch 7.x cluster or service as an alternate to upgrading an existing cluster.
  • Elasticsearch data will not be retained during a direct 5.x to 7.x upgrade by default. Please refer to Elasticsearch documentation if backing up and restoring your 5.x Elasticsearch Morpheus data is required.
  • If log and stat data stored in Elasticsearch is not critical, a 5.x Elasticsearch data backup and restoration to 7.x, or a 5.x -> 6.x -7.x rolling upgrade is not necessary as Morpheus will rebuild the indices upon connection to the 7.x cluster.
  • Please refer to Elasticsearch Upgrade Documentation before installing or upgrading to v4.1.2 if your Appliance’s Elasticsearch is external.

Morpheus Packages

Morpheus Release Package urls can be obtained from https://morpheushub.com

Upgrade Requirements

3.6.x to v4.2.2 Upgrade

  • Only appliances running Morpheus v3.6.0 or higher can upgrade to 4.x.

  • MySQL will be upgraded to 5.7.x on Appliances with MySQL running on the app node (Single Node or “all-in-one” Appliances). Backup your database before running the upgrade.


    BACKUP YOUR DATABASE before the upgrade. You can use the appliance backup job in Morpheus, but make sure you download it before you do the upgrade.

  • RabbitMQ will be upgraded to v3.7 on Appliances with RabbitMQ running on the app node (Single Node or “all-in-one” Appliances). On 3-Node configurations, the RabbitMQ queues and configuration will be dropped and the cluster will need to be configured and established again.

  • Elasticsearch will be upgraded from 5.x to 7.x. Refer to Elasticsearch Upgrade Documentation for upgrading external ES Clusters.

  • Stop all morpheus services, not just the morpheus-ui, before the upgrade. Although the upgrade process will also stop the services, take this step to ensure they are stopped.

  • Warnings about missing files during the removal phase are expected and can be ignored.

  • For firewall/proxy/acl considerations, the domain for Appliance, Supplemental and Agent packages was changed recently to https://downloads.morpheusdata.com from https://downloads.gomorpheus.com. Please update ACL’s to allow access to https://downloads.morpheusdata.com when necessary.

Refer to v4.2.2 Compatibility & Breaking Changes for externalized MySQL, Elasticsearch and/or RabbitMQ version requirements.

4.0.0, 4.1.0, 4.1.1 to v4.2.2 Upgrade

4.1.2+ to v4.2.2 Upgrade

No major service changes