v3.6.0 or later required to upgrade to 4.1.0. Upgrading from v3.6.x to v4.x contains upgrades to MySQL, RabbitMQ, and Elasticsearch. Please refer to Upgrade Requirements before upgrading. When upgrading from v3.6.x to v4.x a database backup is recommended due to MySQL version upgrade.


VMware on AWS support added

  • VMware on AWS Clouds can now be added to Morpheus
  • VMware on AWS Cloud Type Added
  • VMware on AWS Clouds support the same Feature set as VMware vCenter Clouds

vRealize Orchestrator Integration (vRO)


Morpheus now integrates with vRealize Orchestrator to call any VRO workflow via Morpheus tasks.

  • Syncs all available vRO workflows by category
  • These workflows can also be chained easily into non-vRO workflows
  • vRealize Orchestrator Workflow (vRO) Task Type added. Executes Workflow from any vRO integration. Parameter Body accepts JSON.

New Automation Task Types


New Ansible Tower Job Task Type added. Executes a Job from any Ansible Tower integration with inventory, group, execution mode and target options.


New Email Task Type added. Sends email to specified address with defined subject and body upon successful workflow execution. Address, Subject and Body fields support variables, and body field supports html.


New vRealize Orchestrator Workflow (vRO) Task Type added. Executes Workflow from any vRO integration. Parameter Body accepts JSON.

Option Types & Lists Enhancements

New Typeahead Option Type with multi-selection support. Presents an Option List in a typeahead field vs the dropdown selection list field in Select List types.


New Morpheus API Option List type with Clouds, Groups, Instances, Instances Wiki, Servers and Servers Wiki object targets.

New REQUEST SCRIPT field added to REST and Morpheus API option list settings. Create a js script to prepare the request. Return a data object as the body. The input data is provided as data and the result should be put on the global variable results.


Select Option Type name changed to Select List

New DEPENDENT FIELD setting in Select List Option Types. Allows using results from a previous Option Type in a Select List Option List script. Data will reload when an associated dependent fields value is defined or changed.


Additional Changes and Improvements

  • Ansible: Removed requirement of an Ansible Integration being set on a Group or Cloud Configuration Management setting for Windows playbooks to execute via WinRM.
  • Appliance: Quartz removed from system services
  • AWS: Amazon M5A and M5AD Plans (Amazon Instance Types) added
  • Cloud-Init: USER DATA (LINUX) field on Virtual Image and Clouds Settings now supports Cloud Config Data YAML
  • Jobs: Job executions can now be expanded to show process details in Provisioning > Automation > Executions
  • KVM: Clusters: Data Stores, History, and Logs tabs added to detail page for KVM clusters
  • Library: Clone action added to clone system layouts in Provisioning > Library > CLUSTER LAYOUTS for use in custom layouts.
  • Localization: German l8n properties updated with improved translations.
  • Openstack: Added support for Openstack Availability Zones
  • Provisioning: Reuse Naming Sequence Numbers setting added to Administration > Provisioning. If enabled, ${sequence} numbers used in naming patterns will be re-used once they are available again. When disabled, ${sequence} numbers will always increase by one, ensuring the same number in a pattern is never re-used (default and previous behavior).
  • SCVMM: Listed datastore names for SCVMM instances (Infrastructure > Clouds > DATASTORES) are now prefixed with the host or cluster name for easier identification
  • ServiceNow: CMDB: CMDB Target table now customizable
  • ServiceNow: CMDB: Custom Mapping for CMDB records added
  • Subnets can be created and edited from Infrastructure > Network.
  • Subnets now represented as type: subnet and are nested under parent networks when appropriate.
  • Upcloud: Added Morpheus-provided catalog image for Ubuntu 18 on UpCloud
  • vCloud Director: Added support for Static IP assignment via Guest Customizations in vCD.
  • VMware: Tagging support added. Metadata is now synced to vCenter to set tags on VMs. Existing tags are also inventoried into Morpheus as Metadata.


  • Stopped and started usage records are created appropriately for managed and unmanaged instances on each cloud sync when stopping or starting them outside of Morpheus
  • Output results now appear correctly in the Execution Detail window in Provisioning > Automation > Executions. Similarly, output results will also now appear correctly in the Execution Detail window in Provisioning > Jobs > Job Executions.
  • Fixed an issue where backups were not being created in some cases when integrating with Veeam 9.5
  • Time period definitions within the specified dates are now honored in data calls to the Billing API
  • Removing an instance or VM from Morpheus no longer removes serverExternalID and serverInternalID values from /api/billing records
  • General improvements to Usage data
  • Fixed an issue where the list of floating or elastic IP addresses available was not being immediately updated on some clouds when provisioning an instance and selecting an external IP pool for the floating IP pool
  • Stopped and started usage records (Operations > Activity > USAGE) are no longer created when there is an error in calling the Azure API. In some cases this could cause interruptions in billing data.




  • New command clusters
  • New command networks list-subnets|get-subnet|etc for managing network subnets.
  • New option user-settings --user-id for managing other users tokens,etc.
  • Updated roles add and roles update to support the --payload option.
  • New subcommand containers logs


  • Fix issue with library-option-lists update not allowing arbitrary -O options.
  • Fix error seen with library-node-type remove.

Service Version Compatibility

When externalizing MySQL, Elasticsearch and/or RabbitMQ services, the following versions are compatible with Morpheus 4.1.0:

Service Compatible Branch 4.1.0 Installed Version
MySQL 5.7 5.7.27
Elasticsearch 5.6 5.6.16
RabbitMQ 3.7 3.7.16


CVEs remediated in 4.1.0

  • CVE-2019-8323 - RubyGems 2.7
  • CVE-2019-13990 - quartz-2.2.4

v4.0.0 Release Notes


Clusters & Kubernetes

New Infrastructure -> Clusters section
  • Cluster tab added to Cloud detail pages
  • Kubernetes Cluster provisioning - Rebuilt from the ground up, CNCF certified
  • Docker Cluster provisioning - New Clusters are automatically created for existing Docker Hosts
  • Amazon EKS Cluster provisioning - Kubernetes EKS 1.13 layout provided (note: Kubernetes Clusters can also be created in AWS EC2 using Kubernetes Cluster type)
  • KVM Cluster Provisioning - Spin up Morpheus KVM Clusters
Cluster List View
  • Create new Kubernetes, Morpheus Docker, and EKS clusters
  • Lists existing Clusters with Cluster Status, Cluster Type, Cluster Layout, Worker count, Cluster resource utilization stats, and actions including adding new worker nodes.
  • Edit, updated, disable, rename, and delete clusters
  • Cluster search field
Cluster Detail view
  • Cluster resource utilization statistics for compute, memory and storage
  • Total Cluster Costs (month to date)
  • Masters, Workers, Containers, Services, Jobs and Discovered containers stats
  • Summary, Namespaces, Masters, Workers, Services, Containers, Jobs, Volumes, Lobs, History and Wiki tabs
  • Easy access to Kubernetes API and Config via Actions
  • Group, Tenant and Service Plan permissions per Cluster
  • Detailed Metadata and Status views for all Masters, Workers, Containers, Deployments and Pods (i bubble)
  • Real-time process event history
New Blueprint Types
  • Kubernetes Blueprints
  • Helm Blueprints
Library: Spec Templates added
  • Kubernetes Spec, Helm Chart and Swarm Template Spec Template Types added
  • Kubernetes and Helm Spec Temples can be provisioned using the system Kubernetes Instance type, or added to Custom layouts
  • Code Repository, URL and Local sources supported
  • Terraform, ARM and CloudFormation Spec Template types also added - Allows provisioning of Terraform, ARM and CloudFormation templates as Instances
Library: Cluster Layouts added
  • Create your own Kubernetes, Docker, EKS and KVM Cluster Layouts using your own images and config


Kubernetes Cluster provisioning is only supported in VMware, AWS, Azure, Openstack, Nutanix, vCloud Director, Xen, Google, IBM, Upcloud, Huawei, Digital Ocean, VMware Fusion, Hyper-V, and Open Telekom Cloud Cloud types

Automation Expansion

  • New Provisioning -> Jobs section with Jobs and Job Executions tabs
  • Task and Operational Workflow Job types
  • Execute Jobs on a schedule and/or manually.
  • Jobs can be associated with Instances, Servers, or have no Morpheus resource association.
  • Job execution status, output and history in Job Executions` tab
Operational Workflows
  • New Workflow type: Operational Workflows - Original Workflows renamed Provisioning Workflows
  • Support Option Types for custom input during execution
  • Support Instance and Server execution contexts for resource config map support
  • Support executing on multiple Instances or Servers at once
  • Do not contain Phases for Tasks
  • Can be added to Jobs
Task Execution Targets and Contexts
  • Specify Local, Remote, or Resource for where a task will be executed from
  • Specify Instance, Server or no Context Type for resource config map support
  • Custom config option for adding custom config during execution (json)
  • Run Task and Run Scripts added to Virtual Machines and Host Actions


  • Main Wiki section is at Operations - Wiki
  • Wiki tabs are on Clouds, Groups, Instances, Hosts, VM’s, Bare Metal, and Clusters.
  • Additional Wiki Pages and Categories can be created from Operations - Wiki.
  • When a Wiki tab is populated, a Page is automatically added and accessible to Operations - Wiki.
  • Wiki’s are per Tenant. There is no multi-tenant access to Wikis.
  • The Wiki is accessible from the UI, CLI and API.
  • RBAC controlled via the Operations: Wiki User and Tenant Role permission (None, Read and Full).
  • Page updates contain Updated by User and Date stamps.
  • Wiki pages can be searched from /operations/wiki or navigated from /operations/wiki-page/page-index.


The Wiki replaces Notes. Notes are automatically migrated to corresponding Wiki pages when upgrading to 4.0.


  • Snapshot action added for VMware and Nutanix Instances
  • Create Snapshot added to Instance Actions
  • Snapshots are listed in the Backups tab on Instance detail page (yes we get it, Snapshots are not Backups)
  • Snapshot list shows Snapshot name, description, date created and status, and flags most current Snapshot
  • Revert and delete actions per snapshot
  • Brownfield sync of existing snapshots

Azure ARM Enhancements

  • Azure ARM deployment process output record from Azure now imported live into Morpheus, visible in App History tab
  • Azure ARM deployments deployment records now retained in Azure
  • Added ‘Create new Resource Group’ option for ARM deployments, to create a new RG per App deployment
  • Azure ARM Templates API Version updated to latest

UI Navigation Updates

  • Services section renamed to Tools
  • Migrations moved to Tools section
  • Operations -> Usage moved to Operations -> Activity -> Usage
  • Operations -> Scheduling moved to Provisioning -> Automation -> Power Scheduling and Provisioning -> Automation -> Execute Scheduling


  • SolarWinds IPAM Integration added
  • Network Pool sync. Network Pools can be set on networks in Morpheus for automated IP allocation and record creation.
  • Optional Network Pool allocation and record sync. Inventory Existing option syncs all individual ip’s records and corresponding status. Inventory is not required for provisioning.
  • Grid and list displays with IP record overlays and color coding for static, available, reserved and transient status.
  • Manual IP Host record creation from Network Pool detail pages.

AWS Updates

  • EKS Cluster integration added
  • Security Groups can now be viewed and managed from Instance detail Network tab
  • AWS GovCloud US East Region added

Role Permission Updates

  • Infrastructure: Clusters (None, Read, Full)
  • Operations: Wiki (None, Read, Full)
  • Provisioning: Advanced Node Type Options (None, Full)
  • Provisioning: Blueprints - Helm (None, Provision, Full)
  • Provisioning: Blueprints - Kubernetes (None, Provision, Full)
  • Provisioning: Instances (None, Read, User, Full)
  • Provisioning: Job Executions (None, Read)
  • Provisioning: Jobs (None, Read, Full)
  • Provisioning: Scheduling - Execute (None, Read, Full)
  • Provisioning: Scheduling - Power (None, Read, Full)
  • Provisioning: Service Mesh (None, Read, User, Full)
  • Snapshots (None, Read, Full)
  • Tools: Archives (None, Read, Full)
  • Tools: Cypher (None, Read, Full, Full Decrypted)
  • Tools: Image Builder (None, Read, Full)
  • Tools: Migrations (None, Read, Full)

v4.1.0 Compatibility

Morpheus Application OS

The Morpheus Applications can be installed on the following Operating System versions:

OS Version(s) Notes
CentOS 7+ CentOS 7.7 installs FreeRDP 2.0 which is not compatible with Guacamole. To resolve, see https://support.morpheusdata.com/s/article/The-Morpheus-console-RDP-window-is-empty-white
Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04  
Debian 8,9  
RHEL 7+  


When externalizing MySQL, Elasticsearch and/or RabbitMQ services, the following versions are compatible with Morpheus 4.1.0:

Service Compatible Branch 4.1.0 Installed Version
MySQL 5.7 5.7.27
Percona 5.7, WSREP 31 n/a
Elasticsearch 5.6 5.6.16
RabbitMQ 3.7 3.7.16
Redis 4.0 4.0.14
HA Proxy 1.5.18 n/a



Current iterations of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean, HPE OneView, OpenTelekom Cloud, IBM Bluemix, Softlayer and UpCloud are all supported.

Integration Supported Version(s) Known incompatibilities
Ansible 2.7.6  
Ansible Tower 3.3.0  
App Dynamics 4.5.1  
App Dynamics 4.5.1  
Azure Stack GA  
Cisco ACI 3.10  
Commvault v11 sp 12  
Docker v19.03.4, API verison 1.40  
Docker 1.12.6  
Jenkins < 2.176.1  
Kubernetes 1.11  
Kubernetes Major:”1”, Minor:”14”, GitVersion:”v1.14.1”  
Microsoft Hyper-V 2012R2, 2016, 2019  
Nutanix AHV 5.0 - 5.10 In 5.5 - 5.7 if Prism Central is enabled, no actions that create images in Prism will function due to Prism Central Image Management.
Openstack Juno, Kilo, Liberty, Mitaka, Newton, Ocata, Pike, Queens  
Rubrik 4.2  
ServiceNow Istanbul, Jakarta, Kingston, London  
Splunk 7.10  
Terraform v0.11.3 Not Compatible with v0.12.x (Support Planned)
vCloud Director 8.20, 9.1, 9.5  
Veeam 9.5u3, 9.5u4  
VMware ESXi 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 6.7  
VMware Fusion 8, 9, 10+  
VMware NSX -V NSX -T Planned for v4.2.0
VMware vCenter 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 6.7  
XenServer 7.0  


Non-listed versions may be compatible but are not verified.

If you have any specific requirements please contact support@morpheusdata.com