v2.12.2 release date 10/9/2017

Morpheus v2.12.2 adds the ServiceNow CMDB Integration, improvements to existing Features and Integrations, and bug fixes and enhancements.

  • ServiceNow CMDB Integration: The Morpheus ServiceNow CMDB integration creates a CMDB record upon Instance provision, updates the CMDB state when an instance is removed, and syncs changed Instance states nightly.
  • Additional ServiceNow Plugin Improvements
  • “Disable Management of Firewall by Agent” option added to Cloud settings.
  • Editing existing Environment Variables support added for Windows
  • VMware Folder support added to apps and templates
  • Nutanix Unmanaged Network Static IP support added
  • Script Variables added for Volumes: id: vol.id, name: vol.name, deviceName: vol.deviceName, maxStorage: vol.maxStorage, unitNumber: vol.unitNumber,displayOrder: vol.displayOrder, rootVolume: vol.rootVolume
  • vmxnet3 set as default VMware Network Adapter type.
  • Chef bootstrap process output added to Instance History
  • Improved Tenant Deletion
  • Improved VMware Folder and Resource Pool sync
  • Mobile layout improvements
  • Local Chef install url for windows msi added.
  • Email layout improvements for broader email client support.
  • Chef Integration now determines when FQDN should not be added.
  • Improved Provisioning error outputs
  • Improvements to User scoped permissions for monitoring, logs and backups.


  • Fix for Bulk Network Edit
  • Fix for DHCP flag being reset on Nutanix networks upon cloud sync.
  • Fix for Agent timestamp handling
  • Fix for Dashboard 500 error when user Role Permissions = Monitoring : User
  • Fix for Netscaler SSL cert upload
  • Fix for server stop/start when inventoried server is converted to managed and Instance Type is applied.
  • Additional character handling in Automation Scripts
  • Fix for Remove Shutdown Instance Action hanging
  • Fix for Instance History purge
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

Morpheus v2.12.2 is available in the Downloads section of `morpheushub.com<https://morpheushub.com/>`_.