New Features

  • Administration: Local user accounts can now be disabled
  • API: Storage Providers added
  • Cloud Foundry: Allow free form username input for space user management in Cloud Foundry
  • Cloud Foundry: Ability to create a space and add/remove users from a space
  • Google Cloud: Network Tagging support added
  • Instances: “Open Console” Action added
  • Instance Types: Morpheus Ubuntu 16.04 added for AWS, Hyper-V, Xen, ESXi and SCVMM
  • Library: Workflows added to Layouts


  • Apps: Fix for broken image placeholder when creating a new app template in latest Chrome build.
  • AWS: Instances: Add Node: not propagating settings from original instance
  • Google: Provisioning: Fix for External IP list missing static IPs
  • High Availability: Implementation of the quartz lock handler
  • Image Builder: Fix for start time displayed in UTC
  • Instances: Provisioning: Fix for 500 error if disk size has decimal
  • Instances: Removed inaccessible links in sub-tenants for master tenant hosts and cloud
  • Library: Scripts: Fix for “Run as User”
  • Library: Scripts: Fix for sudo flag
  • OracleVM: Fix for Library: add OVM Node Type
  • Performance: WinRM Optimizations
  • PXE Boot: Fix for validation of Supermicro container and VM server mode boot mapping.