Release date: 9/21/2018

New Features

  • Appliance: Reduced memory database query overhead for agent comms
  • VMware: API session management improvements
  • VMware: Massive cloud sync speed improvements


  • AWS: Fix for io volume type selection
  • Azure: Fix for price plans syncing
  • Docker Hosts: Total Storage value fix
  • Docker Hosts: Total Storage value fix
  • ESXi: Fix for file cleanup on failed provisions
  • Guidance: Improved core count recommendations
  • Identity Sources: Fix for form reseting back to LDAP on unsuccessful save
  • KVM: Fix for Backup Restore for multi-disk VMs
  • KVM: Fix for Ubuntu 14 backups
  • Load Balancers: AVI: Fix for edit instance lb setup
  • Nutanix: Fix for automated Domain joins
  • OTC: Fix for Reconfigures
  • Policies: Fix for Max VMs Policy enforcement
  • Policies: Unable to edit policy assigned to tenant
  • Reports: Fix for 500 error when report generated by deleted user exists
  • Scaling: Fix for NGINX autoscaling
  • Scaling: Fix for Scaling Schedules
  • User Settings: Fix for unable to set user settings when connected to AD identity source.
  • Venafi: Fix for deleting integration
  • Venafi: Fix for deleting integration