Budgets provide insight into spending across entire accounts, allowing users to create and plan a budget scoped to their account, clouds, tenants, users, or groups.

Creating A Budget

  1. Navigate to Operations > Budget

  2. Create a new budget and enter in the following:

    1. Name

    2. Description

    3. Scope: Here you can choose what this budget is tied to

    4. Period

    5. Year: Set future budgets

    6. Interval: Choose Month, Quarter, Year then fill in the budget for that interval



Cloud Budgets

If you scope a budget to a cloud visit the cloud summary page in Infrastructure > Clouds > Select Cloud > Summary for a detailed breakdown of the costing


View Budget Summary

To view the budget summary, click into the budget to see the actual vs budgeted spend for the interval selected.

To edit the budget just select EDIT


Budget Analytics

In Operations > Analytics > Budget Analysis select scope (Account, Tenant, Cloud, Group, User) to view the budget analysis.