Morpheus v2.12.1 adds Console Copy & Paste, VMware Folders, expanded User Scoping Permissions, Nutanix additions, Infoblox additions, and many other Improvements and Fixes.

New Features

Console Copy & Paste
  • Copy button added to copy selected text to local Clipboard.

  • Paste field added to paste text from local Clipboard. Right click in console to then paste to target.

Additional User Scoping
  • Role permissions can now be set to User for Monitoring, Backup, and Logs sections.

  • Users will only see information related to their Instances in the corresponding sections, as well as on the Dashboard, when Role permission is set to User

  • VMware Folders now sync and can be targeted for VM and Image destinations, set to active/inactive, and assigned Tenant permissions.

  • Storage Type can now be set to Thick or Thin in VMware Cloud settings.

  • Boot from ISO support added. ISO’s can now be selected to boot from for VMware provisioning, and can fully be installed using the Hypervisor Console.

  • Eject Disk Action also added for VMware technology Instance Types.

  • Instances can now be converted to Images in Nutanix using the Import as Image Action. A Virtual Image record with matching meta-data will also be automatically created.

  • Disk and Network type selection added to Nutanix technology Instance Types.

  • Network Interface Type Selection can be enabled in Nutanix Cloud settings.

  • Display Name column added to IP Pools to better identify IP Pools synced from Nutanix.

  • Network Filter field added to Infoblox settings. Allows for filtering by field, exact match or regular expression, as well as searching on extended attributes. EX: [ network_view=default&*Building=work ]

  • Tenant Match Attribute field added to Infoblox settings. Allow for auto-assignment of IP pool Groups and individual IP Pools to a tenant.

Other Additions and Improvements

  • Trial Version flag added under Virtual Images -> Edit Virtual Image -> Advanced Options. Flagging a Windows Image as Trial Version will re-arm the trial during provisioning.

  • F5 Load Balancer improvements

  • HA Proxy Load Balancer improvements

  • Citrix Load Balancer improvements

  • Chef improvements

  • Provisioning: Allow Force Delete

  • UI/API/CLI Security Improvements

  • Process Service Improvements

  • Add Node Action will now only show compatible clouds as target options.

  • Windows 2012 R2 AMI System Image improvements.

  • Redis System Images improvements.

  • New Role Permission: Provisioning: Allow Force Delete


  • Fix for browser language settings adding commas in Plans & Pricing -> Pricing.

  • Fix for Hyper-V and Openstack technology types in Library -> Node Type -> Image dropdown.

  • Fix for File Upload in Virtual Images and Archives when using NFSv3 Storage Provider target.

  • Fixes for synced Image Record duplication.

  • Fix for extra Sub-Tenant Groups automatically being created during Sub-Tenant creation.

  • Fix for Nutanix - Windows- Create Additional user.

  • Fix for respecting Xen Custom Cores value.

  • Fix fir CentOS 6 agent install when using multiple LVM based volumes.

  • Fix for Infrastructure -> Network -> Services -> Add Service -> Consul modal.

  • Fix for Morpheus Wordpress Images: Load Balancer - no port available.

  • Fix for Dual name fields in Networks -> Services -> add Microsoft DNS