New Features

Scheduling Detail Pages

New detail pages for Operations -> Scheduling show schedule configurations and the resources schedules are applied to.

Azure Tags

Azure Tags can be created using metadata values, and existing Azure tags are now synced.

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Fix for Library Template content edits

  • Currency symbol & other styling updates

  • VMware Multi-Disk Reconfigure fixes

  • Fix for HA Proxy Load Balancer deployment when using Firefox

  • Fix for Oracle VM Virtual Image list displaying unsupported Images

  • Oracle VM Multi-Disk fixes

  • Fix for Removing Azure Load Balancers

  • Morpheus Library CentOS AMI regional seed fixes

  • Updated vCloud Director artwork

  • VMware Hypervisor Console Improvements

  • Security improvements

  • Sub-tenant HA Proxy Load Balancer provisioning restrictions for Master Tenant Docker Hosts

  • Includes everything in v2.12.4