v3.1.2 & v2.12.5

New Features


  • Automation: Services section added

  • Cloud Foundry: Space deletion added

  • Cloud Foundry: Synced services provisioning added

  • Deployments: Services section added

Instances: Ubuntu 16.04 Added to Morpheus OpenStack, Google, Nutanix and Azure Instance Types

  • Load Balancers: LoadFortiADC Load Balancer Integration

  • Policies: “Remove Expiration” Action added to Instances for Users with Full Policies Role access

  • UI: Column Sorting added to multiple sections

  • vCenter: Cluster of Clusters- “All” option added to VMware cloud settings Cluster selection

  • vCloud Director: “Add User” option during provisioning added

3.1.2 & 2.12.5

  • API: Archives section added

  • API: Networks section added

  • OracleVM: Virtual Image disk count and sizes now auto-populate in provisioning wizard

  • Plans & Pricing: Additional decimal places allowed for in Prices and Costs

  • Policies: Lifecycle extension links in emails are now one-time use

  • Roles: System “User Admin” role is no longer multitenant


  • API: Billing query optimizations

  • API: Costs removed from API billing when accessing from sub-tenant user

  • App Template: Fix for App Template wizard not loading local Amazon Images

  • AWS: Fix for “Assign EIP” flag when subnet not set to auto-assign Public IP by default.

  • AWS: Fix for Converted to managed Instances attaching service plans and pricing

  • Azure: Fix for US Gov pricing shown on EU Azure plans

  • Clouds: Fix for starting VM from Virtual Machine list tab within Cloud

  • Guidance: Fix when using multiple filters in

  • IBM Cloud (Bluemix Platform): Fix for cloud deletion and record cleanup

  • Instances: Fix for error on Actions -> Backup from main instances list on converted to managed Instances

  • Instances: Fix for inability to select a service plan when deploying HAProxy Instance Type in some environments

  • Instances: Fix for Virtual Machine link on Instance with Pending or Denied Approval status

  • Instances: Multiple regional Morpheus Virtual Image seed fixes

  • Library: Fix for Option Type variables not parsing when exported as Environment Variables

  • Monitoring: Fix for Incident re-open button

  • OracleVM: Fix for issue with multi-disk Virtual Images

  • OracleVM: Fix for Virtual Image dropdown showing unsupported Virtual Images

  • OracleVM: Fix for IP Assignment with Infoblox Integration

  • Plans and Pricing: Descriptions added for Volume Types

  • Reports: Fix for Analytics Report typos

  • Reports: Fixes for Sub-Tenants Cloud Reports

  • Reports: Tenant report removed from Sub-Tenants

  • Roles: Fix for Multitenant User Roles not propagating permission changes

  • UI: Fix for lower menu bar moving

  • Usage: Fix for multiple and duplicate records

  • vCenter: Fix for Hypervisor Console issue when multiple VMware clouds are sharing ESXi Hosts

  • vCenter: Fix for additional users not being created for Windows VMware instances when using static ip’s & Virtual Image credentials not populated

  • vCloud Director: Sync Status fix

  • vCloud Director: Security groups tab added

  • vCloud Director: Invalid Apache node type seed removed

  • vCloud Director: Fix for Virtual Image sync cleanup

  • vCloud Director: Fix for Custom Cores

  • vCloud Director: Fix for “Stop Server” Action not fully stopping VM

  • vCloud Director: Fix for host record when deleting VM

  • Virtual Images: Download option for Synced Virtual Images removed

  • Virtual Images: Fixes for error when adding Virtual Image with url with CIFS storage provider