Release Date 5/2/2018


Morpheus v3.2.0+ introduces Global Search, which requires an Elasticsearch upgrade. Upgrading from previous versions of Morpheus to a 3.2.0 or later requires you to upgrade ElasticSerach to 5.4.1 or 5.x. We do not support ElasticSearch 6.x at this time. This upgrade requires you to export and import your Morpheus ElasticSearch data if you want to retain logs, backup history, statistics, and check history of your instances. If you do not need to retain that data you can skip the ElasticSearch migration. Upgrading to 3.2.0+ will create a blank ElasticSearch node with no data. Your Morpheus layout configuration will determine how to migrate your ElasticSearch data: all-in-one, distributed high availability, or Morpheus clustered appliances.

Please refer to upgrade instructions below the release notes.

New Features

  • Alibaba - Docker Host provisioning added

  • ServiceNow: Kingston support for SNOW Morpheus plug-in


  • Apps: Fix for unintended firewall evaluation when using shared resource in an app

  • Backups: Fix for expired backup archives not deleting on S3 backup storage provider

  • Billing: Fix for billing API not returning usages for zones that no longer exist

  • Cloudbase-init: Fix for user data and DNS client settings missing

  • Cloud Foundry: Better handling when creating a space with a user that does not have the correct permissions

  • Deployments: Fix for deployment modal automatically selecting the last deployment used

  • F5 Load Balancer: Fix for syncing in duplicate unmanaged virtual servers

  • Load Balancers: Fix for edit modal typo & styling issue

  • MacStadium: Fix for duplicate Virtual Machines

  • NetScaler: Fix for adding load balancer when using SSL

  • Policies: Lifecycle extension message fixes

  • Pricing: Fix for platform price missing at provisioning stage

  • SCVMM: Fix for cloud deletion

  • Veeam: Fix for Templates/Jobs not populating

  • VMware: Fix for VM hypervisor host sync

  • Windows: Fix for wrong Ethernet adapter type for being set on uploaded windows images.

  • Xen: Fix for snapshots not being cleaned up


For upgrades to 3.2.0 please follow the 3.2.0 upgrade instructions below!