Release Date: 6/19/2018


Morpheus v3.4.0 adds support for subtenant users to login via the main tenant url using subtenant id or subdomain prefix, ie subtentantId\username or subdomain\username. Subtenant local users will no longer be able to login from main login url without using subtenant id or subdomain prefix. Tenant subdomain can be defined by editing the Tenant settings and updating the SUBDOMAIN field.

New Features

  • API/CLI: DataStores added

  • API/CLI: Salt command options added

  • API/CLI: Subtenant Groups added

  • API/CLI: Workflows now support custom option types

  • Blueprints: ARM template Git integration added

  • Currency: Conversion settings added to Administration -> Settings.

  • Datastores: Storage > Datastores capacity column now hidden when “Hide Datastore Stats On Selection” is enabled

  • Identity Sources: Subtenant users can now login from the main login url using subtenant name or id prefix, including users created from Identity Source Integrations.

  • KVM: Added OnApp migration support

  • Library: CentOS 7.5 qcow2 image added

  • Library: Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 qcow2 images added

  • Policies: User Creation Policy added

  • Provisioning: Added default datastore for additional disks to match first disk

  • Provisioning: Additional Network Interface types now default to match first Interface type

  • SAML: Validation configuration options added

  • Storage Providers: Verify permissions to path on save added


In 3.4.0+ currency conversion data users will need to provide an open exchange or fixer.io api key under Administration -> Settings.


  • Fix for Chef detail section hidden in UI

  • Fix for Cost by Cloud error

  • Fix for incorrect Instance provisioning status when using copies with ARM Templates

  • Fix for broken image issue for library items with no custom icon

  • Fix for Instance Type Count - By Clouds Value in Analytics

  • Fix for Instance Count by Cloud Group Count Value in Analytics

  • Fix for CLI Bad Request issue when creating a cloud

  • Fix for Web Instance Types to be scalable

  • Fix for Cost Month to Date report

  • Fix for ServiceNow listed Datastores

  • Fix for Cloud Init enabled in Images

  • Fix for KVM provisioning issue

  • Fix for i18n missing message

  • Fix for App Wizard Amazon validation issue

  • Fix for space issue with Openstack

  • Fix for postgreSQL issue with BluemixCF

  • Fix for Clouds stuck in deleting when removing

  • Fix for issue with adding/editing local storage objects

  • Fix for OpenStack Floating IP’s being required

  • Fix for F5 destination port issue

  • Fix for Storage Object issue with NFS

  • Fix for instance Wizard Issues

  • Fix for ServiceNow Plugin unable to provision VMware instance

  • Fix for ServiceNow Plugin Datastores duplicate options

  • Fix for F5 error deleting Pools and Nodes

  • Fix for missing scale tab for VCD Instances

  • Fix for KVM SSH fail after stop/start

  • Fix for App Wizard form update when changing cloud

  • Fix for ESXI Debian 8.8 failing to provision

  • Fix for KVM provision failing on self managed host

  • Fix for OEL build fail if more than 3 disks are requested during provisioning

  • Fix for Open Telekom Cloud provisioning issue

  • Fix for Cost by Cloud projected values

  • Fix for Nutanix duplicate IP’s when using IP Pools

  • Fix for PXE answer file not getting generated

  • Fix for ENI records not being cleaned up (Amazon)

  • Fix for Tenant delete issues

  • Fix for Nutanix sysprep unattend.xml passwords

  • Fix for “Install Agent” Flag for Nutanix Images

  • Fix for missing image icons

  • Fix Terraform HCL parsing

  • Fix for some converted-to-managed VM’s having docker check type

  • Fix for unnecessary resource pool request

  • Fix for vmToolsInstalled: no such property

Morpheus v3.4.0 is available in the Downloads section of morpheushub.com.