Release date: 7/20/2018

New Features

  • API: Run workflow now allows arbitrary customOptions to be passed

  • API/CLI: Added CLI login via token. login -T <token> can be used instead of requiring a username and password.

  • API/CLI: Added optimizations for Virtual Image uploads

  • API/CLI: Added “taskPhase” for workflow tasks

  • Backups: Direct Stream to Storage Provider added for VMware, Xen and KVM backups and Image imports.

  • Blueprints: Added ACI fields to Blueprints and Apps wizards

  • phpIPAM: Added additional information including description, hostname and owner

  • Policies: Added variable <%= tenantSubdomain %> for Tenant SubDomain value in scripts and naming policies. The SubDomain is used for creating a direct login url in Identity Sources or as a login prefix to identify the tenant i.e. ‘subdomainusername’

  • Puppet: Expanded OS support for Puppet Agent install.

  • Users: User Settings: API Access section added for API & CLI user token generation

  • VMware: Added Clone to Image Instance Action to create new VMware Templates from Instances with corresponding Morpheus Virtual Image record.

  • VMware: Virtual Images: Switched “Force Guest Customizations” to on by default for Windows Virtual Images


  • Fix for VMware ovf export timeouts for large images. Impacted offloaded backups, Import as Image actions.

  • Fix for Deployment versions not sorting

  • Fix for disabling ‘Archive Snapshots’ flag on Storage Providers not saving. When executing backups, the ‘Archive Snapshots’ flag enables ovf export of VMware snapshots to default or specified backup Storage Provider and removes the snapshot in VMware. If disabled, backup jobs will only trigger and leave snapshots in VMware.

  • Fix for Active Directory user login when users OU has been changed

  • Fix for duplicate Alibaba CentOS 6.9 layouts

  • Fix for Azure: ARM Templates copyIndex parsing errors

  • Fix for Security Groups with Source Type set to All

  • Fix for Actions: Reconfigure modal not loading in Infrastructure -> Hosts Section

  • Fix for Instance Name uniqueness validation in provisioning Wizard

  • Reverted Provision Wizard: Instance Type search being limited to selected category

  • Fix for adding disks requiring Logs: Read or Full Role permissions

  • Fix for volume addition requiring Infrastructure - Storage: Read or Full Role permissions

  • Fix for Master Tenant private KVM Host Subtenant visibility

  • Fix for changing plan not updating volume size for Nutanix Instance Type until image is selected

  • Fix for adding AVI load balancer integration.

  • Fix for API: /groups/:id/update-zones removal of zone not passed in the zones parameter

  • Fix for Apps wizard not loading when User Role permission set to Provisioning: Blueprints: None

  • Fix for Logs: Date parsing error when Windows Event logs are localized