Review v4.2.4 Compatibility & Breaking Changes before installing or upgrading to Morpheus 4.2.1.

Morpheus UI Updates


Full integration with VMware NSX-T

  • Create and manage software-based virtual networks efficiently and programmatically

  • Sync, edit, create, and manage transfer zones, distributed firewalls, edge gateways, load balancers and more


Full integration with Unisys Stealth

  • Protects sensitive systems with identity-driven microsegmentation

  • Sync, create, and manage roles and communities of interest (COIs)

  • Assign Stealth configuration at provision time


Keep more Task types under version control with expanded Git integration for automation

  • Email Tasks, jRuby scripts, and shell scripts can now be kept under Git version control

  • Morpheus runs the current version of the script at execution time


Usability and navigation improvements

  • Advanced filtering for Instance, Host, VM, and Bare Metal server lists

  • Create custom views for Instance, Host and VM lists and set them as your default view

  • Refreshed default theme for improved visibility and enhanced contrast (does not affect whitelabeled appliances)

  • Drag and drop columns in large list views to bring the most relevant information to the forefront


Enhanced existing public and on-prem cloud integrations

  • Updated support for the latest version of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and premium SSD tiers in Microsoft Azure cloud

  • Expanded Morpheus tagging policies to include Google Cloud Platform in addition to previously supported clouds

  • Sync real-time pricing data from Oracle Cloud in addition to clouds that previously supported live pricing data

  • Slice a single SCVMM cluster into a fully multi-tenant private cloud

All New Features

  • Agent Compatibility: SUSE SLES 12 and 15, OpenSUSE Leap agent installation support

  • Appliance Compatibility: Amazon Linux 2 appliance installation support

  • Appliance Compatibility: RHEL 8 and CentOS 8 appliance installation support

  • Appliance Compatibility: SUSE SLES 12 and 15, OpenSUSE Leap appliance installation support

  • Apps: The App owner can now be edited in Provisioning > Apps > (Selected App) > EDIT

  • Azure: Kubernetes AKS version updated to v1.15 (replaces 1.13)

  • Azure: Premium SSD disk types are now supported

  • Azure: Static IP address assignment now supported

  • Blueprints: The Blueprint owner can now be edited or removed in Provisioning > Blueprints > MORE > Permissions

  • Convert to Managed: Options Types are now supported when converting a resource to managed and selecting a custom layout with associated Option Types.

  • Convert to Managed: Tags are now supported when converting an Instance to managed. Tag policy validation (if applicable) also applies

  • Docker: System Docker version upgraded to 19.03.8

  • Google: Static IP address assignment now supported

  • Google: Tag compliance policies are now supported for Google clouds, including scanning of existing resources and banner display for non-compliant machines

  • Identity Sources: SAML SSO and Azure AD SAML SSO now allow “Force Authn” in the Advanced Validation Options section of the create and edit Identity Source modals

  • Layouts: Group Access Permissions added to Instance Type Layouts.

  • Library: Amazon Linux 2 added to System Library for AWS Clouds

  • Library: openSUSE 15.1 added to System Library for for Amazon, VMware, Nutanix, OpenStack, KVM, and Hyper-V Clouds

  • Licenses: Version column added to the License list view in Administration > Provisioning > Licenses

  • Morpheus UI: Advanced Filters added including Tag Name, Clusters, Instance Type, Resource Pool, and Plan filters on Instance, Host, VM and Bare Metal list views.

  • Morpheus UI: Instance, Host, VM and Bare Metal list view columns can now be arranged via drag and drop

  • Morpheus UI: New top level Status filters added to Instance, Host, VM and Bare Metal list views

  • Morpheus UI: Updated default System Theme with refreshed Logo, Icons and Colors.

  • Morpheus UI: Views added for Instance, Host and Virtual Machine list views

  • Network: Stealth Security Service Integration added

  • NSX: NSX-T Integration added

  • OpenStack: Rocky, Stein, and Train added to Openstack Version options.

  • Option Lists: New LDAP Option List type added

  • Oracle Cloud: Morpheus now syncs in pricing/costing data for Oracle Cloud Resources

  • Oracle Cloud: Added support for new Regional-type subnets

  • Oracle Cloud: Costing data added to Oracle Cloud summary tab, including current, estimated, historical and per service data.

  • Provisioning: Retry attempts added to IP Pool address allocation when initial allocation fails

  • Puppet: The Morpheus Puppet integration now supports version 6+. Note: Puppet versions prior to 6 are no longer supported.

  • Roles: “Reconfigure Servers” Feature Access permission added (Full or None). When set to None, Instance and Host Reconfigure Actions will not be available for applicable users

  • SCVMM: Multiple Morpheus SCVMM Clouds can now be pointed to the same SCVMM controller. Please note multiple Morpheus Appliances pointed to the same SCVMM controller is not yet supported.

  • ServiceNow: Morpheus plugin now certified and available on Orlando

  • Settings: Disable SSH Password Authentication option added to Administration > Settings > Appliance

  • Tasks: Email: Git Repository support added for Email Task content source

  • Tasks: Email: Whitelabel support added for Email Task types

  • Tasks: jRuby Script: Git Repository support added for jRuby Task script source

  • Tasks: Powershell Script: Git Repository support added for Powershell Task script source

  • Tasks: Python: Virtual environment are now used for Python Tasks. Note: virtualenv is required on all Appliance App nodes. pip install virtualenv

  • Tasks: Shell Script: Git Repository support added for Shell Task script source

  • Users: Effective Role Permissions added to User detail pages to assist in determining effective permissions for a User with multiple roles

  • Utilities: Maintenance Mode added. Maintenance Mode drains active sessions and queues to support auto-scale down of Morpheus Appliance nodes. Note: System Administrator Role required to access admin/settings#!utilities.

  • Veeam: Morpheus Veeam integration now supports Veeam version 10

  • VMware: Removed “Customization Spec” provisioning option to prevent possible conflict with Morpheus triggered Guest Customization


  • ARM Templates: Fix for ARM Templates with ARM schema ‘2019-04-01’ parsed as invalid json when using repo source

  • AWS: Fixed synced Security Group Rule “Source” field value

  • AWS: The Name value for synced Security Group Rules will now equal the source rules Description value if populated in AWS. If Description is not populate, Port Range will continue to be used for the Security Group Rule Name

  • AWS: Unsupported RAW image formats removed from provisioning options.

  • Active Directory: Fixed issue with User authentication when a Users domain suffix contains numbers

  • Active Directory: Fixed issue with colons in active directory group names

  • Apps: Fix for some Option Type dependencies not being honored

  • Apps: Fixe for datastore selection changing when layout was changed to Auto Datastore in App Wizard

  • Automation: Fix for Post Provision Tasks executing prior to finalization of Provision phase Config Management Tasks (Salt Stack)

  • Azure: Added support for creating additional Volumes on Azure Private Images at provision time (Previously only supported on Reconfigure)

  • Azure: Fixed “StandardSSD_LRS” API Version issue

  • Azure: Fixed syncing of Service Plans that are not available in scoped Azure Region

  • Backups: “Backup Retention Count” renamed to “Default Retention Count” in /admin/backup-settings

  • Blueprints: Fixed incorrect Syntax error for Helm Blueprint types

  • Clone Wizard: Fix for incorrect layout version displaying when cloning instances from VIO to native openstack

  • Cloud Formation: Fix for Task or Workflow execution on CF Instances

  • Convert to Managed: Fixed Convert to Managed Instance record creation issue when the source VM name matches existing Instance name (Instance Name uniqueness constraint).

  • Docker: Fix for updating the url of a Docker Registry Integration

  • Domains: Fixed Cloud Default Domain setting not applying to Domain Joins when Domain not set on Network

  • HyperV: Fixed Instance deletion issue when Instance record has associated Backup Results

  • IBM Cloud: Fix for Inventory issue when using Proxy

  • Instances: Fixed existing Network Interface fields not set to Read-Only in Reconfigure modal

  • Jobs: Fixed Execution logs including associated Morpheus process logs

  • Logs: Fixed rare condition where Instance Log tab would include unrelated log entries

  • NSX-V: Fixed issue where firewall functionality for NSX integration was not applicable for all NSX objects

  • Networks UI: Fix for sorting Network By Service in Networks list view resulted in page error.

  • Nutanix Fixed partial Virtual Image sync when the same Nutanix cluster is added to Master Tenant and Subtenant Clouds

  • Nutanix: Added auto-scaling support for system Nutanix Tomcat layouts

  • Openstack clouds: Fixed creation of additional Network Interfaces during Reconfigure

  • Openstack: Fix for Octavia Loadbalancer ephemeral ports for containers not being created within the backend listeners

  • Openstack: Fix for generic error message when Openstack quote is exceeded during provisioning. Morpheus now displays Quota exceeded message with statistics in provisioning wizards.

  • Openstack: Fix for secondary network interface IP address not displaying in UI.

  • Openstack: Fixed issue creating Security Group Rules with source “all”

  • Openstack: Service Plans that do not meet the selected Image’s minimum storage requirements are not filtered in Provisioning Wizards

  • PXE: Added support for <%=%> variable syntax in custom Kickstart files

  • Reports: Fixed Instance Inventory Summary report displaying deprecated max_cpu instead of max_cores

  • Reports: Virtual Machine Inventory Report: All IP Addresses are now shown on VM’s with multiple IP Addresses.

  • Reports: Virtual Machine Inventory Report: VM’s that have been stopped now display 0% CPU utilization instead of last reported %. Note the updated CPU % can take up to 5 minutes to update.

  • Roles: Fixed Tenant Role Instance Type and Blueprint Access propagation

  • SCVMM: Fixed overzealous SCVMM discovery when Morpheus SCVMM Cloud config is scoped to a single SCVMM Cloud.

  • Shutdown Policies: Fixed for Extension banners not being displayed on Instances already shutdown from an active Shutdown Policy.

  • Tenants: Fixed expired Subtenant ui session not redirecting to subtenant login url.

  • VMware: Fixed synced Virtual Image Location record issue

  • Wiki: Fixed `code` and ``` code block ``` syntax display

  • Workflows: Fixed timeout issue with Option Types not loading when /automation/workflow page that has been open for several minutes

  • Zerto: Fixed paging error on Replication Sites list views.

  • vCloud Director: Fix for specified service version not being honored when created a Cloud

Morpheus API Updates

API Enhancements

  • Amazon: Increased pricing granularity available for individual servers including for compute, storage, memory, and network

  • Azure: Increased pricing granularity available for individual servers including for compute, storage, memory, and network

  • Azure: Static IP addresses and IP pools supported on Azure Subnets

  • Invoices: Invoice line items are now exposed through the API

  • Licenses: Improved API coverage of licenses (Administration > Provisioning > Licenses)

  • Ping: API supports “GET /api/ping” endpoint to replace “GET /setup/check”. The new endpoint returns the same information

  • Prices: Prices can be filtered by platform type

API Fixes

  • API/CLI: Fixed Security Group ‘canManage’ Flag not consumable via API

  • API/CLI: Fixed IndexOutOfBounds when updating price-set over API

  • API/CLI: Fixed IndexOutOfBounds when updating price-set over API

  • API/CLI: Fixed Adding subnet permissions through API call returns incorrect status

  • API/CLI: Fixed CLI | Adding the vCD cloud type using the cli fails to add Cloud

Morpheus CLI Updates

CLI Enhancements

  • Prompt for credentials by default, instead of erroring. This was the behavior a long time ago, and now it is once again.

  • Improved output of remote list and remote get

  • Changed remote get to refresh status and version by default, can use option --offline to avoid this.

  • Changed remote get to work like remote current when called with 0 arguments

  • New subcommand remote version.

  • New subcommand remote view.

  • New command setup that works like remote setup

  • New command ping that works like remote check

  • New command activity that works like recent-activity

  • Deprecated recent-activity

  • Updated instances command renaming options --created-by to --owner

  • Updated apps command to show Owner.

  • Updated blueprints command to support Owner.

  • Updated blueprints and apps command to show more information.

  • Updated invoices list -c CLOUD so that name can be passed instead of just id.

  • New option apps update --owner.

  • Removed deprecated command instances update-notes.

  • New subcommand library-layouts update-permissions.

  • Changed the way role permission access values displayed, so they look more like a grid and full is green, while other values are cyan.

  • New option workflows list --type.

  • New options --wrap and --all-fields for all list commands.

  • New option remote check --all that works just like remote check-all.

  • New option curl -v.

  • Updated command groups current to support --remote option.

  • Updated command apps add Environment prompt to be a select instead of text.

  • Updated apps list and apps get to display Environment

  • Changed No records found messages to be cyan instead of yellow.

  • New option --can-manage for security-groups add/update.

  • Changed workflows get to just show TASK ID in the tasks list, and no longer display ID (‘taskSetTaskId’).

  • Renamed 'Tags' to 'Labels' in instances get

  • Renamed option --tags to --labels for instances add.

  • Added options --labels and --metadata to instances add

  • Updated command users permissions and users get --all to show all access. requires api 4.2.1

  • Updated command whitelabel-settings to support --account option. requires api 4.2.1

  • New subcommand clouds refresh. requires api 4.2.1

  • New command guidance. requires api 4.2.1

  • Updated command invoices to show more info and make --raw-data an option.

  • New command invoices

  • New subcommand service-plans activate

CLI Fixes

  • Fixed ping resulting in an error when used on older appliances. Now it falls back to use /api/setup/check instead of erroring.

  • Fixed remote setup error and also improved error handling for setup --remote-url with an insecure url.

  • Fixed error seen with instances import-snapshot

  • Fixed instances add payload duplicating plan.

  • Grooming of help info for instances, apps and blueprints.

  • Fixed --quiet option still printing a newline.

  • Fixed issues with --remote-url option, it could cause errors or otherwise behave incorrectly.

  • Fixed issue with instances add using the wrong version when specified with -O layout=ID instead of --layout ID

  • Fixed library-layouts get ID 404 error incorrectly saying 'Instance Type not found'

  • Fixed clouds add not merging -O options into the payload

  • Fixed invoices cost display issues

  • Fixed apps add including -O networkInterface options when the blueprint has that field locked. This fixes potential serverside error 'ip address required'.

  • Fixed users permissions error when using older appliance versions.

  • Fixed apps add not using blueprint values for layout,plan,networks,volumes,etc.

  • Fixed apps add not printing some error messages eg. 'name must be unique'.

  • Fixed instances add --security-groups causing invalid argument error.

  • Fixed instances add infinite name must be unique error when –no-prompt is used.

  • Fixed passwd extraneous output 'args is'.

  • Fixes for new invoices command.

  • Fixed clouds add groups dropdown being limited to 25.

  • Fixed multiselect option types not working when passed in eg. --tenants "one, two"

  • Fixed instances add requiring Library permission to fetch layout.

  • Fixed instances add requiring Clouds permission to fetch datastores.

  • Fixed instances add potential 500 error when retrieving datastores.

  • Fixed 404 error when fetching layout seen when pointing at appliance versions older than 4.2. This change is to use /library instead of /library/instance-types when for those resources.