Single Node Install on CentOSΒΆ

To get started installing Morpheus on CentOS a few preparatory items should be addressed first.

  1. Configure firewalld to allow access from users on port 443 (Or remove firewall if not required).

  2. Make sure the machine is self resolvable to its own hostname.


    If the machine is unable to resolve its own hostname nslookup hostname some installation commands will be unable to verify service health during installation and fail.

  3. Next simply download the relevant .rpm package for installation. This package can be acquired from downloads section.


    Use the wget command to directly download the package to your appliance server. i.e. wget

  4. Next we must install the package onto the machine and configure the morpheus services:

    sudo rpm -i morpheus-appliance-x.x.x-1.x86_64.rpm
    sudo morpheus-ctl reconfigure
  5. Once the installation is complete the web interface will automatically start up. By default it will be resolvable at https://your_machine_name and in many cases this may not be resolvable from your browser. The url can be changed by editing /etc/morpheus/morpheus.rb and changing the value of appliance_url. After this has been changed simply run :

    sudo morpheus-ctl reconfigure
    sudo morpheus-ctl stop morpheus-ui
    sudo morpheus-ctl start morpheus-ui


    The morpheus-ui can take 2-3 minutes to startup before it becomes available.

There are additional install settings that can be viewed in the Additional Configuration Options section.

Once the browser is pointed to the appliance a first time setup wizard will be presented. Please follow the on screen instructions by creating the master account. From there you will be presented with the license settings page where a license can be applied for use (if a license is required you may request one or purchase one by contacting your sales representative).

More details on setting up infrastructure can be found throughout this guide.


If any issues occur it may be prudent to check the morpheus log for details at /var/log/morpheus/morpheus-ui/current.