Microsoft DNS


Morpheus integrates directly with Microsoft DNS to automatically create DNS entries for Instances provisioned to a configured Cloud or Group. Morpheus also syncs in Microsoft DNS Domains for easy selection while provisioning, or setting as the default Domain on a Cloud or Network.

Add Microsoft DNS Integration


The Morpheus Microsoft DNS integration works over http/5985. If you have turned off the http listener on 5985 and only enabled https/5986 it will fail.

Microsoft DNS can be added in the Administration or Infrastructure sections:

  1. In Administration -> Integrations, select + New Integration

  2. In Infrastructure -> Networks -> Services, select Add Service

  3. Provide the following:


    Microsoft DNS


    Name for the Integration in Morpheus


    IP or resolvable hostname of DNS server


    DNS provider username


    DNS provider user password


    (Optional) Enter a dns zone to limit scope


    Enabled to create A records during provisioning

  4. Once saved the Integration will be added and visible in both Administration -> Integrations and Infrastructure -> Networks -> Services


All fields can be edited after saving.


Once the integration is added, Microsoft DNS Domains will sync and listed under Infrastructure -> Networks -> Domains.


Default Domains can be set on Networks and Clouds, and can be selected when provisioning. Additional configuration options are available by editing a domain in Networks -> Domains

Configuring Microsoft DNS with Clouds and Groups

DNS Integrations are available in the DNS Integration dropdown in Cloud and Group settings. Morpheus will register Instances with the DNS provider when provisioned into a Cloud or Group with a DNS Integration added.

To take full advantage of the Morpheus Microsoft DNS integration, a service account in the Admins group is not required. However, an account must have the following minimum access to use all features:

  • Read, Create, and Delete rights on objects

  • Belongs to the local group “WinRMRemoteWMIUsers__

  • WinRM Quickconfig must be run on the DNS server

  • CIMv2 needs access according to instructions in our KnowledgeBase

Add DNS Integration to a Cloud

  1. In Infrastructure -> Clouds edit the target Cloud.

  2. Expand the Advanced Options section.

  3. In the DNS Integration dropdown, select an available DNS Integration.

  4. Save Changes

Add DNS Integration to a Group

  1. In Infrastructure -> Groups select the target Group.

  2. Select the Edit button for the Group

  3. Expand the Advanced Options section.

  4. In the DNS Integration dropdown, select an available DNS Integration.

  5. Save Changes


Instances provisioned into a Cloud or Group with a DNS Integration added will be registered as instancename.domain with the DNS Provider during provisioning, and de-registered at teardown.