3-Node HA Upgrade


Known issue with embedded Elasticsearch upgrade: When upgrading to v5.4.8, v5.4.9 or v5.5.1, there is a potential issue with embedded Elasticsearch clustering on rolling upgrades and existing data migration for all embedded Elasticsearch architechtures. Refer to the v6.0.1 Release Notes for additional informaiton.

3-Node HA Appliances represent 3 App nodes with local RabbitMQ and Elasticsearch services clustered across the app nodes, and an external Galera/Percona MySQL cluster.

Morpheus Packages

Morpheus Release Package urls can be obtained from https://morpheushub.com

Refer to v6.0.1 Compatibility & Breaking Changes for any 3-node variations using externalized MySQL, Elasticsearch and/or RabbitMQ version requirements.

Upgrade Instructions


Upgrades can add additional storage load on database nodes. Please refer to database storage requirements within 3nodeinstall before upgrading.