Morpheus UI war filesΒΆ

Pre-release or patched versions of the Morpheus UI are sometimes provided. To deploy the ui war on a Morpheus Appliance:

  1. Download the war file to the target appliance

    wget https://url/war_file


    If the war file is provided via a droplr link, ensure a + is added to end of droplr url or the file will not download

  2. Backup current war file

    sudo mv /opt/morpheus/lib/morpheus/morpheus-ui.war /opt/morpheus/lib/morpheus/morpheus-ui.bak.`date +"%m-%d-%Y"`
  3. Move and rename new war file

    sudo mv <file> /opt/morpheus/lib/morpheus/morpheus-ui.war
  4. Ensure war is owned by morpheus-app

    sudo chown morpheus-app.morpheus-app /opt/morpheus/lib/morpheus/morpheus-ui.war
  5. Restart the Morpheus UI

    sudo morpheus-ctl restart morpheus-ui

The new ui war will load on startup!