IP Pools

Infrastructure > Network > IP Pools


The IP Pools tab in the Networks section allows you to create Morpheus-type IP Pools (which is an IP address range Morpheus can use to assign available static IP addresses to Instances) and NSX-T IP Pools. The IP Pool section also displays pools synced from IPAM integrations like Infoblox, Bluecat and others.

To add a Morpheus Network Pool

  1. Click + ADD in Infrastructure > Network > IP Pools

  2. Enter the following:

    A friendly name for the IP Pool in Morpheus.

    Pool Type

    Currently Morpheus-type IP Pools and NSX-T IP Pools (with a configured integration) can be created directly from Morpheus

    Starting Address

    The starting IP address of the IP Pool address range. ex:

    Ending Address:

    The ending IP address of the IP Pool address range. ex:

  3. Save Changes


Multiple Address Ranges can be added to a pool by selecting the + icon next to the address range.

After saving the IP pool will be available for assignment to networks in the NETWORK POOL dropdown when adding or editing a network.