Single Node Install Overview

In a Single Host/All-in-one configuration, all components required for Morpheus are automatically installed and configured during the Morpheus reconfigure command.

Appliance Host
  • Application
    • Morpheus App

  • Web Server/Proxy
    • NGINX

  • Database
    • MySQL

  • Messaging
    • RabbitMQ

  • Search
    • Elasticsearch

  • Console
    • Guacamole

  • Monitoring
    • Check Server

Default Paths

Morpheus follows several install location conventions. Below is a list of the system paths.


Altering the default system paths is not supported and may break functionality.

  • Installation Location: /opt/morpheus

  • Log Location: /var/log/morpheus

    • Morpheus-UI: /var/log/morpheus/morpheus-ui

    • MySQL: /var/log/morpheus/mysql

    • NginX: /var/log/morpheus/nginx

    • Check Server: /var/log/morpheus/check-server

    • Elastic Search: /var/log/morpheus/elasticsearch

    • RabbitMQ: /var/log/morpheus/rabbitmq

  • User-defined install/config: /etc/morpheus/morpheus.rb