The Integrations section in Library > Integrations is for adding and managing Automation Integrations. Existing Automation Integrations from Administration > Integrations are also populated and accessible from Library > Integrations and vice-versa.

Provisioning: Automation Integrations and Admin: Integrations are separate Role permissions, so Automations Integration access can be separated from the Administration Integrations section.

Automation Integrations

  • Ansible

  • Ansible Tower

  • Chef

  • Puppet

  • Salt


Automation integrations can be added and managed in Administration > Integrations as well. Adding and editing Integrations in Library > Integrations and Administration > Integrations are the same dataset and additions and updates are reflected in both sections.


Role access for Integrations: Ansible determines user access to Ansible Integration detail page, which contains Ansible command line and execution access.