Kubernetes Blueprints

Morpheus allows you to store Kubernetes configuration YAML files for easy deployment on-demand. Kubernetes Blueprints can be built by pulling in Kubernetes spec stored as a Morpheus Spec Template object, those tracked under version control in a Git repository, or you can write them directly in the New Blueprint modal.

To create a new Kubernetes Blueprint, navigate to Library > Blueprints > App Blueprints. Click + ADD.

On the Name tab of the New Blueprint modal, enter a name for your new Blueprint. In the Type dropdown menu, select Kubernetes. NEXT

In the Cluster Summary section, complete the following fields as needed:

  • NAME: Enter a name for this Blueprint as it will appear in the Morpheus Blueprints list

  • DESCRIPTION: An optional description field for your Blueprint

  • CATEGORY: An optional category tag for your Blueprint, such as web, utility, or app

  • IMAGE: An optional image icon to more easily identify your Blueprint from a list. If no image is uploaded, a default image will be used

Complete the Kubernetes Configuration section as follows depending on your Config Type selection.

To consume a Morpheus Spec Template containing Kubernetes spec:

  • CONFIG TYPE: “Kubernetes Spec”

  • SPEC TEMPLATE: Use the typeahead field to locate the desired Spec Template

To draft or paste configuration directly in the New Blueprint modal:

  • CONFIG TYPE: “Kubernetes Yaml Spec”

  • CONFIG: Enter your YAML configuration template here

To consume YAML configuration files tracked in a Git repository:

  • CONFIG TYPE: “Git Repository”

  • SCM INTEGRATION: If a pre-existing SCM integration is selected here, the available selections in the “Repository” dropdown menu will be filtered to show only those associated with the chosen SCM integration

  • REPOSITORY: Select the repository in which your configuration resides

  • BRANCH OR TAG: The branch in which your configuration resides

  • WORKING PATH: The path to your configuration files

  • CONFIG: Your selected config file

Once finished, click COMPLETE.

Your new Kubernetes Blueprint is now saved and should be visible in the list of Blueprints. Blueprints are deployed in the Provisioning > Apps section of Morpheus. See the Apps section of Morpheus docs for more information on that process.