Morpheus v6.3.2 Documentation

v6.3.2 Standard Release Notes


v6.3.2 contains embedded MySQL v8 upgrade when upgrading from v6.0.0 - v6.0.6 or 6.1.0 - 6.2.1. BACKUP YOUR DATABASE PRIOR TO UPGRADE when using embedded MySQL (all-in-one appliances)


Minimum v6.x required to upgrade to v6.3.2 for environments using embedded RabbitMQ. Environments running 5.5.x or earlier using embedded RabbitMQ must upgrade to v6.0.0 - v6.0.6, or 6.1.0 - 6.2.1 prior to upgrading to v6.3.2


Rolling upgrades for HA environments using embedded RabbitMQ and/or embedded Elasticsearch services are not supported when upgrading from v6.0.0 - v6.0.6 or 6.1.0 - 6.2.1

  • Compatible Plugin API version: 1.0.4

  • Compatible Morpheus Worker version: 6.3.2

  • Minimum upgrade version: v6.0.0


Items appended with 6.x.x are also included in that version

Release Dates

  • v6.3.2 Dec 14 2023

New Features

  • Added the ability to configure ServiceNow integrations to use table-based CMDB mode rather than the newer IRE via Morpheus API and CLI. This configuration was added previously to Morpheus UI 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Added Morpheus API and CLI support for Cluster Packages which was added to Morpheus UI in a previous release

  • Changing tabs on the Cloud detail page Containers tab no longer throws an error 6.2.5

  • Added localization to the upgraded dashboard (now a plugin) which was added to the product in 6.0.0 6.0.10 6.2.5

Distributed Worker
  • When a Morpheus Distributed Worker is installed and configured with the appliance, Morpheus Agent communication now go back to the appliance via the Distributed Worker rather than directly to the Morpheus appliance nodes. Note: Set cloud appliance url to worker url for agent relay functionality.

  • Added support for Hyper-V Gen 2 virtual machines 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Added Kubernetes sync and comms over Morpheus Agent command bus. Morpheus can now sync and communicate with Kubernetes hosts over the agent for scenerios where Morpheus cannot reach k8s directly. Morpheus Worker v6.3.2 also adds agent relay for k8s hosts that are unable to reach Morpheus appliances directly.

  • Attached Workflows will now apply to Kubernetes Cluster Layouts before the core components are built (kubeadm, kubectl, etc.) such that Workflows can be used to help facilitate installation and configuration of core components

  • The default-docker-secret value as stored in etcd for MKS Kubernetes 1.28+ clusters is now encrypted 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Morpheus can now authenticate with NSX-T 4.1 as a Project-level user allowing multiple Morpheus appliances to be mapped to the same NSX server and allowing Project-scoped integrations to be created in Morpheus

  • Using the search function on the Domains list page now searches on the Domain Name and Description fields in addition to the Domain field that was searched previously 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • When provisioning an Instance, App, or Cluster to an all-Projects OpenStack Cloud, the Security Group dropdown options are being filtered properly to the selected Resource Pool 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Embedded curl upgraded to 8.4.0 to mitigate CVEs associated with the prior installed version 6.2.5 6.0.10

  • The first and last names columns on the Users database table are no longer encrypted. This is reverting a recent change that encrypted these values due to some unforeseen downstream issues this caused 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Upgraded netty-all to 4.1.77.Final to mitigate CVE-2022-24823 6.0.10 6.2.5


  • Fixed returned IPv6 address value changing with each subsequent call to GET an Instance which has a single network interface which has a single IPv4 and IPv6 address 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • GET calls for a specific Service Plan which include the parameter to get the Zones array (?includeZones=true) will now include the Zones array in the response 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • When adding a new volume to an Instance via Morpheus API, an inaccurate message about a network adapter being removed from the instance is no longer added to History 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Fixed a bug which could cause the App provisioning wizard to hang indefinitely on an infinite loop associated with Instance Naming Policy conflicts 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Improved Azure price and plan sync logic to improve sync times and make more efficient use of memory 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • When Select List-type Inputs are made required and added to a Workflow which is consumed as a Catalog Item, the dropdown selection defaults to the “SELECT” value rather than the first value in the list (as when the Workflow is consumed outside Catalog) 6.2.5

Cluster Layouts
  • Custom Kubernetes Cluster Layouts will no longer run hidden default Tasks in addition to the user-configured Tasks which could sometimes create conflicts

  • Fixed the “Persistence” configuration not being selectable from the Instance provisioning wizard for F5 load balancers shared down to Subtenants 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Forms modal to crash under certain configurations when creating a Select List-type Input and the corresponding Option List from within the Forms modal 6.2.5

  • Fixed the VMware Folder Input type not reloading properly when set to be dependent on the Cloud or Resource Pool Input fields 6.2.5

  • The Networks Input on a Form used by a Catalog item is now displaying the dropdown list options properly when the field visibility is dependent on another Input 6.2.5

  • The Security Group Input on Forms now properly reloads based on Resource Pool selection 6.2.5

Google Cloud (GCP)
  • Morpheus is now detecting and displaying the OS type (Linux or Windows) for discovered GCP workloads 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • IPv6 pools can now be deleted even if they’re referenced by existing workloads 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • When creating a record in a Morpheus-type IPv6 pool and manually specifying the IP address, Morpheus will now honor the entered address rather than using the next available address in the pool instead 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Importing Instance Types when the destination appliance has an existing Instance Type with the same name (albeit with a different code value) will now successfully import the new Instance Type 6.2.5

  • Added a “Hidden” configuration for Inputs to hide the Input from view while still making its value accessible. When an Input is not visible due to its “Visibility Field” configuration, the value is not accessible 6.2.5

  • Custom Inputs, when empty, are now passed as empty strings or null values rather than empty arrays 6.2.5

  • For typeahead-based Inputs, the logic for retrieving live search results as the user types has been updated to ensure results from less-complete versions of the search string don’t replace results from more-complete versions 6.2.5

  • Making Select List-type Inputs required will now only make the Input required and will not also default to the first selection in the list. The Input must be configured to “Remove No Selection” to default to the first selection :superscript:` 6.2.5`

  • Domain selections on the Instance provisioning wizard now properly override domains set on the Cloud or Network configuration 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Fixed disabled Instance action buttons (start, stop, restart service) from working on the Instance list page 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • In Instance History after rebooting an Instance, the name of the user who initiated the reboot is shown in the history entry rather than the name of the Instance owner 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • The History tab of Instance and Server detail pages will now list the User which has performed various actions rather than listing the owner of the workload 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Fixed the logic that controlled the sync interval for integrations which could sometimes compute an incorrect time for next sync 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Addresses IPv6 pools can now be used with Kubernetes Cluster deployments. Previously IPv6 flags were ignored and an IPv4 address was used in its place 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Cleaned up a few UI-related bugs associated with the Create Kubernetes Cluster wizard 6.2.5 6.0.10

  • Fixed Kubernetes Worker nodes failing deployment in vCloud Director Clouds

  • Fixed an issue that caused File Templates not to be set on Kubernetes nodes even when Tasks or Workflows were run against them which should have set the templated files

  • Fixed issues related to filtering and displaying Workflows in the dropdown menu when adding or editing Layouts 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Fixed provisioned containers displaying a generic logo rather than the logo configured on their Library item 6.2.5

  • When adding or editing Instance Types, Layouts, or Node Types and including more than one Environment Variable, the flyout OPTIONS menu for setting “Masked” or “Exportable” attributes on EVars now works correctly on EVars beyond the first one 6.0.10 6.2.5

Morpheus IP Pools
  • Fixed an issue with IP Pools which could cause the number of IP addresses in the pool to be computed incorrectly 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Gateway and DNS server information are now set properly when linked to an external pool type for IPv6 networks 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • The VCD Edge network routers are now scoping the firewall rule groups on the router detail page Firewall Groups tab to the selected Edge routers rather than showing all 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • When creating a new Network and setting the Network Service from the dropdown, Morpheus will no longer revert the selection back to the first one if you attempt to change the value prior to saving the new Network 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Creating Security Groups within project-scoped and all project-scoped OpenStack Clouds is now working properly 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Instances which are deleted but subject to a Delete Approval Policy and which also have an Always-On Power Schedule will no longer revert immediately from a Pending Delete state to a Running state once again 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Attempting to access Integrations which are owned by other Tenants by modifying a URL to include an updated Integration ID will now trigger a 404 error rather than a 500 error 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • For security reasons, 2FA authentication tokens can now only be used once rather than potentially being used multiple times within their expiration window 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • TRACE HTTP method set to false in embedded Tomcat config 6.2.5 6.0.10

  • Additional sql optimizations for nightly duplicate and orphaned metadata tag cleanup job 6.2.5 6.0.10

  • Having created and run a Task in a Tenant will no longer prevent it from being deleted 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Tenants which contain Azure networks which have subnets are no longer prevented from being deleted for that reason 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Tenants which have associated storage volumes are no longer prevented from being deleted for that reason 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Tenants which have integrated GCP Clouds and synced in Virtual Images from them are no longer prevented from being deleted for this reason 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Added additional protection against orphaned storage controllers and other constructs from failed VM discoveries filling up the database over time 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Adding more than 14 disks to VMware nodes as well as adding additional SCSI controllers and applying them to the additional volumes is now working properly 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • For discovered VMs, Morpheus now displays the IP address for the primary NIC when multiple are present where previously it was inconsistent 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • When a VMware Instance fails provisioning in Morpheus and is subsequently deleted, Morpheus now also will removed the failed workloads from VMware 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Custom Input values are now available to the Configuration phase of Provisioning Workflows 6.2.5

  • Having a Restart Task in a Provisioning Workflow will no longer cause the Instance status to become green (successful provision, completed state) before all Provisioning Workflow Tasks are completed 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Editing names and IP addresses in phpIPAM now syncs properly in Morpheus 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Improved logic for computing used and available addresses in phpIPAM IP Pools which could sometimes be computed slightly incorrectly 6.0.10 6.2.5

  • Morpheus now gracefully handles the deletion of phpIPAM subnets from the phpIPAM side when Instances have already been provisioned from Morpheus using addresses from that pool. Previously integration sync errors would surface 6.0.10 6.2.5

vCloud Director
  • The Node Detail Page for Kubernetes Master Nodes provisioned to vCD now shows the expansion chevron within the History tab which allows history entries to be expanded for greater detail

Appliance & Agent Updates

  • Embedded ElasticSearch upgraded to 8.11.2 6.0.10 6.3.2

  • Embedded MySQL upgraded to 8.0.35 6.0.10 6.3.2

  • Embedded RabbitMQ upgraded to 3.12.9 6.20.10 6.3.2

  • Fixed Morpheus appliance reconfigures failing on Ubuntu-based appliances when iptables-persistent package is installed and configured in certain ways 6.0.10 6.3.2

  • Morpheus Linux Agent updated to v2.5.0 with support for k8s node sync 6.0.10 6.3.2

  • Node and VM Node Packages update to v3.2.19 with v2.5.0 Linux Agent 6.0.10 6.3.2

Morpheus Worker

  • Morpheus Worker v6.3.2 released with agent relay. Previous Gateway/Worker versions are still compatible with v6.3.2 but need to upgraded to Worker v6.3.2 for agent relay functionality. Note: Set cloud appliance url to worker url for agent relay functionality.

Embedded Plugins


BigIP plugin updated to v1.2.1


Morpheus Home Dashboard plugin updated to v1.1.1

Microsoft DNS

Microsoft DNS plugin updated to v2.2.2


phpIPAM plugin updated to v11.2.2