Morpheus v7.0.1 Documentation

v7.0.1 LTS Release Notes

  • Compatible Plugin API version: 1.1.1

  • Compatible Morpheus Worker version: 5.4.8+

  • Minimum upgrade version: v6.0.0


Items appended with 6.x.x are also included in that version


Amazon Aurora RDS Compatibility: For customers who use Amazon Aurora RDS as the Morpheus database, Aurora RDS MySQL version 3.06.0 is not compatible with any currently released Morpheus versions. v3.06.0 introduced new reserved keywords which cause syntax errors with existing database fields. Do not upgrade your Amazon Aurora RDS to 3.06.0 until a compatible version of Morpheus is available.

Release Dates

  • v7.0.1 Apr 10 2024

  • 7.0.1-2 Apr 22 2024

7.0.1-2 Updates

  • Fixed a 7.0.1-1 regression with Form Variables not appearing on the right side when using Input form types

  • Fixed a 7.0.1-1 regression with incorrectly locked fields when editing a catalog item

  • Fixed a 7.0.1-1 regression with the option to enable/disable auto injection of Form Variables

New Features

  • Added SSH validation to the Add Clusters Wizard. When entering host IP addresses, Morpheus will validate that it has SSH access to that IP address

  • Removed option to provision KVM and KVM/Docker cluster types. KVM is still supported through onboarding pre-configured brownfield hosts and consuming them as provisioning targets

  • Added support for scoping DigitalOcean Clouds to specific VPCs as well as support for discovering existing Droplets and onboarding them as discovered servers

Identity Sources
  • Added an optional configuration to Active Directory Identity Sources which allows users to log in with a UPN credential for subdomain access rather than just a username 6.2.9


  • Billing API responses now can include start and end times down to the millisecond by including the &includeMS=True parameter 6.2.9

  • Fixed an issue adding NSX-T integrations scoped to individual Projects at the Morpheus subtenant level

  • Fixed updates to NSX-T network displayName properties also updating the network name value following the next sync 6.2.9

Automation Execute Schedules
  • Fixed Daylight Saving adjustments for Execution Schedules 6.2.9

  • Fixed successful reconfigures leaving workloads in a “resizing” status under specific conditions 6.2.9

  • After updating the number of disks, the order review page now shows the updated number rather than displaying the original ordered number 6.2.9

  • For Catalog Item Blueprints, the Layouts field selections are now given in alphabetical order and the pre-set value prior to any user selection now reads “default” rather than “select” 6.2.9

  • When browsing folders in integrated Git repositories, folders in non-default branches can now be expanded to view files 6.2.9

  • Improved currency conversion logic in specific scenarios to ensure greater accuracy 6.2.9

  • Clicking the Location link from the Organizations tab of a Github integration detail page now leads to a better formatted page 6.2.9

  • Default Input values on Inputs set due to “Remove No Selection” configuration are now shown on detail page as expected when configured to show there 6.2.9

  • Fixed regex verification for text-type Inputs not being checked under specific conditions when the Input was Visibility-dependent on another Input 6.2.9

  • Number-type Inputs now work properly when the spinner controls are used to increment the value 6.2.9

  • When a required Input defaults to a “false” value sourced from a manual Option List, it will no longer fail the required validation without the user toggling the values 6.2.9

  • Jobs (Provisioning > Jobs) that have more than 25 “Context Instance” targets will now show them all when editing the Job later 6.2.9

  • Workflow Jobs containing dependent fields now property update to using the new values if edited after the initial save 6.2.9

  • Fixed VMs restarting unnecessarily when adding new disks or extending the root disk

  • Adding workers to Kubernetes clusters with custom memory ranges defined on the Plan no longer fails with error 6.2.9

  • We now properly show the number of master nodes present on external (brownfield) Kubernetes clusters when there are multiple masters 6.2.9

  • Sorting the Layouts list page by the version column now sorts the Layouts in a logical ascending or descending order 6.2.9

  • Fixed creation of pools for NSX Advanced Load Balancers which previously failed with error 6.2.9

  • Services shared across projects are now available while creating NAT Rules for integration scoped to a specific project 6.2.9

  • Fixed large CIDR ranges slowing down loading of network detail pages 6.2.9

Nutanix Prism Central
  • Fixed errors that prevented deleting Prism Central Clouds 6.2.9

  • When Nutanix Prism Central Clouds are deleted, synced Virtual Images are also deleted to prevent duplicate images if the Cloud is re-added later 6.2.9

Option Lists
  • Option Lists can now use Input values in request and translation scripts when their associated Input is hidden 6.2.9

Route 53
  • Fixed Route53 integration being limited to returning only the first 100 routes 6.2.9

  • A list of installed plugins is no longer visible when visiting <applianceUrl>/plugins without a logged in session 6.2.9

  • Fixed an issue that could potentially allow users to run Tasks against workloads in different Tenants by manipulating POST requests 6.2.9

  • HTML injection is no longer possible via the “Label” field when adding links (Administration > Settings > Whitelabel) to the global support menu 6.2.9

  • Cloning vCenter VMs from Morpheus no longer fails under specific scenarios where the VM was built from a synced template which was later removed from inventory in vCenter 6.2.9

  • Fixed issues related to snapshot reverting when disks had been added after the snapshot was taken 6.2.9

  • Fixed scenarios where address information did not sync due to MAC addresses not matching due to letter casing 6.2.9

  • Fixed successful reconfigures leaving workloads in a “pending” status under certain conditions 6.2.9

  • When Resource Pools are nested, Morpheus now shows all of the child Resource Pools properly when many are present 6.2.9

  • Fixed backup jobs and repositories removed in Veeam not being removed from Morpheus on sync

Appliance & Agent Updates

  • Embedded MySQL updated to v8.0.36 6.2.9

  • Java updated to v11.0.22 6.2.9

  • Standard Appliance OpenSSL version updated to v1.1.1w 6.2.9

Agent Packages
  • Node and VM Node Packages Java updated to v11.0.22 6.2.9

  • DigitalOcean: Embedded Digital Ocean plugin updated to v1.2.4