Docker Registry


Without any additional configuration Morpheus can provision images from Docker’s public hub at using their public api at

However, many organizations maintain private Docker registries for security measures. Additional public and private Docker registries can be added to Morpheus.

Adding a Docker Registry Integration

  1. Navigate to Administration > Integrations

  2. Click “New Integration”

  3. Select the Docker Repository Type

  4. Add the following:


    Name for the Registry in Morpheus

    Repository url

    Docker Registry url or IP address


    Username if private registry


    Password if private registry

  5. Save Changes


You must either have signed certificates for your registry or configure your docker host(s) to accept insecure registries

Provisioning an Instance from Docker Registry

Docker images from the Integrated Registry can be provisioned using the generic Docker Instance Type, or by adding images to Node Types for custom Library Instance Types.