The Activity section displays a recent activity report for Auditing. Morpheus defines an activity as any major action performed on an instance or server, such as, but not limited to adding a server, deleting a server, provisioning an instance, deleting an instance, creating a backup, etc… This view can be searched and filtered by type, user, and date range.


There are four types of activities that are displayed in the Activity Reports:

  • Backup

  • Provisioning

  • Alert

  • Permissions

To View a Recent Activity report:

  1. Select the Operations link in the navigation bar.

  2. Select Activity in the sub navigation bar.

Recent activity is displayed in order from recent to oldest. This view can be searched and filtered by type, user, and date range.


To review the item the activity occurred on, click the name of the activity and it will go to a new page and display that item.


Deleted activities are displayed as an alert and do not contain a link to the event item. If the activity is not a deletion event we provide a link on the activity name to go to the item the activity occurred on. Delete activity alerts are shown for Instances, servers, Clouds, Groups, and Monitoring Checks.

To Filter:

  1. Click the filter drop down of type of filter you want to apply.

  2. Select the appropriate filter.


The ALARMS section shows Operation notifications from Cloud and other Service Integrations. Cloud and other Service Integration Alarms are not generated by Morpheus but synced and displayed for visibility in Morpheus.


The HISTORY section shows Process History from Instances and Apps processes. This is an aggregate view of the History tab in Instance and App details pages.

Processes can be expanded to view all process steps and process history detail including output and errors.

Access to HISTORY is given by the Operations:Activity Role permission.

The Logs displayed in Administration - Health - Morpheus Logs are from /var/log/morpheus/morpheus-ui/current. These logs show all ui activity and are useful for troubleshooting and auditing.


Stack traces in Administration - Health - Morpheus Logs are filtered for Morpheus services. Complete stack traces can be found in /var/log/morpheus/morpheus-ui/current.