Morpheus Agent Key Features

Key Enhanced Statistics and Benefits

Category Statistic With Agent Without Agent
Memory Max Memory Yes Yes
Memory Used Memory Yes No
Memory Cache Memory Yes No
Storage Max Storage Yes Yes
Storage Used Memory Yes No
Processing System CPU % Yes Yes
Processing User CPU % Yes No
IOPS Total IOPS Yes No
IOPS IOPS Write Yes No
Networking Net TX Rate Yes No
Networking Net RX Rate Yes No
Other Agent Command Bus Yes No
Other Log Aggregation Yes No
Other Health & Monitoring Yes No

Additional benefits:

  • Installation is optional for provisioned and managed VMs
  • The Linux agent can be shrunk and should be less then 0.2% peak
  • Provides a command bus such that Morpheus doesn’t need credentials to access a box
  • Can still manage workflows if credentials are changed
  • SSH agent can be disabled and still get access to the box
  • Agent can be installed over Cloud-init, Windows unattend.xml, VMware Tools, SSH, WinRM, Cloudbase-Init, or manually
  • Makes a single, persistent connection over HTTPS websocket and runs as a service
  • Buffers and compresses logs, then sends them in chunks to minimize packets
  • Supports syslog forwarding
  • Accepts commands, executes commands, writes files, and manipulates firewalls


The Morpheus Agent is required for managed Docker, Kubernetes, SCVMM, Hyper-V, KVM, and ESXi Hosts (for ESXi-only Cloud, not vCenter Clouds).