Monitoring Groups

Group monitors can only contain checks and can be edited or created in Monitoring > Groups. Besides simply adding and removing checks to a group there are a few other useful options that can be customized in a group:


A friendly name for the group monitor in Morpheus

Min Checks

This specifies the minimum number of checks within the group that must be happy to keep the group from becoming unhealthy

Max Severity

The maximum severity incident a failed check may create. This setting overrides a check’s max severity setting

Affects Availability

If checked, a failing group monitor impacts system-wide availability calculations


Use the typeahead field to select pre-existing checks for the group monitor. If check(s) need to be created, this can be done in Monitoring > Checks


Some useful information can also be seen on the detail page of a check. For example, the average response time of all checks within the group, or an aggregated check history can be viewed.