Incident management is very important in any IT Operations environment. The ability to notify the appropriate people of an outage that requires immediate attention is critical to reducing recovery time and even preventing potential customer facing impacts. Because of this, Morpheus provides incident management features as well as external integrations out of the box.

Incidents can be found in the Monitoring->Incidents section. When a check fails, an incident is automatically raised. These can vary in severity based on the user configured check severities as well as the group hierarchy (representative of redundancy).

Incidents are also grouped. If an application is impacted and multiple checks fail for that application they automatically get grouped together in one Incident that can fluctuate or escalate in severity as time progresses. These incidents can be muted so as not to affect availability and they can also be resolved manually with an option to detail resolution information.

There are also integrations and API’s for integrating with existing corporate workflows when it comes to incident management.