Ansible Troubleshooting

When a workflow is executed manually, the Ansible run output is available in the Instance History tab. Select the i bubble next to the Ansible task to see the output. You can also see the run output in UI logs at /var/log/morpheus/morpheus-ui/current​. These can be tailed by running morpheus-ctl tail morpheus-ui.

Verify Ansible is installed on the Morpheus Appliance

Ansible should be automatically installed but certain OS or network conditions can prevent the automated install. You can confirm installation by running ansible --version in the Morpheus appliance, or by viewing the Ansible integration details page (Administration > Integrations > Select Ansible Integration). We also see it in the Ansible tab of a Group or Cloud scoped to Ansible, just run --version as ansible is already included in the command.

If Ansible is not installed

Follow these instructions to install, or use your preferred installation method


sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ansible/ansible
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ansible python-requests


sudo yum install epel-release
sudo yum install ansible python-requests

Then create the working Ansible directory for Morpheus:

sudo mkdir /opt/morpheus/.ansible
sudo chown morpheus-app.morpheus-app /opt/morpheus/.ansible

Validate Git repo authorization and the configured paths

The public and private SSH keys need to be added to the Morpheus appliance via Infrastructure > Keys & Certs and the public key needs to be added to the Git repo via user settings. If both are set up correctly, you will see the playbooks and roles populate in the Ansible Integration details page.

The Git Ref field on playbook tasks is to specify a different git branch than default. It can be left to use the default branch. If your playbooks are in a different branch you can add the brach name in the Git Ref field.

When running a playbook that is in a workflow, the additional playbooks fields do not need to be populated, they are for running a different playbook than the one set in the Ansible task in the Workflow, or using a different Git Ref.


If you are manually running Workflows with Ansible tasks on existing Instances through Actions > Run Workflow​ and not seeing results, set the Provision Phase on the Ansible task to Provision​ as there may be issues with executing tasks on other phases when executing manually.