Unable to Delete Tenant


When trying to delete a tenant, a message stating manage resources must be removed or other error occurs and the tenant is not deleted. The tenant may be stuck in a deleting status or return to OK status after delete attempt.


All managed resources must be removed from a tenant in order for that tenant to be deleted. This includes instances and their underlying managed vm’s

  1. Login or impersonate that an Admin user inside the tenant

  2. Navigate to Infrastructure > Hosts

  3. Under Hosts and VM’s, delete any managed resources

    • Uncheck remove infrastructure when deleting a VM to only remove it from Morpheus but not from the underlying hypervisor/cloud

    • You must check remove associated instances if the VM has an associated instance

    • If the VM no longer exists but there is still a record in Morpheus, uncheck remove infrastructure and check force delete

  4. Once all managed resources are removed from the tenant, the tenant can then be deleted

  5. In certain situations other components may prevent a tenant from being deleted. If you have removed all managed resources from a tenant and the tenant still cannot be deleted, please contact Morpheus support


Managed resources can also be removed by deleting instances, but be aware this will delete VM’s associated with the instance from the underlying hypervisor/cloud