Cloud Profiles

Role Permissions

Access to Profiles tab is determined by the following role permissions:

Role: Feature Access: Admin: Profiles
  • None: Cannot access Profiles tab or create/view/edit/delete profiles

  • Read: Can access Profiles tab, can view profiles, cannot create/edit/delete profiles

  • Full: Can access Profiles tab, can create/view/edit/delete profiles

Terraform Profiles

  • Terraform Profiles allow creation of Cloud-associated tfvars secrets, allowing tf apps and specs to be provisioned across multiple clouds that required different tfvars.

  • Target Cloud Terraform Profiles are automatically mapped to tf apps/specs during provisioning, no manual scoping is required.

  • Terraform Profiles are encrypted in Cypher and creating a profile creates a Cypher entry with key tfvars/profile/cloud/$cloudCode/variables`

  • Terraform Profiles can be edited after creation

  • Terraform Profiles are limited to one per Cloud, once one is created for the Cloud the option to create a Terraform Profile is no longer present. Edit the existing Terraform Profile to make changes at that point


Since Morpheus mounts Terraform Profiles in Cypher using a mount point which contains the Cloud code value, any Clouds which have the same code will share a Terraform Profile. Create or edit Clouds to have a unique code value if they should have a unique Terraform Profile. It’s also important to understand that Morpheus does not require Clouds have a code at creation time. When Clouds are created without a code, Morpheus applies a generic non-unique code based on the Cloud type (“amazon” for AWS Clouds, as an example). This sets up a potential situation where all Clouds of the same type have the same generic Cloud code and thus share a Terraform Profile. To avoid this situation, enter a Cloud code value at creation time or edit existing Clouds to have a unique code.

Create a Terraform Profile

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Clouds and select a Cloud

  2. Select the “Profiles” tab

  3. Select + ADD PROFILE

  4. Select Terraform Profile Type

  5. Enter tfvars in the Terraform Profile Variables field

    • example Terraform Profile Variables

  6. Select SAVE CHANGES

Now, when provisioning a Terraform Instance or App to the Cloud the profile was created in, the tfvars in the profile become available to Terraform. It is not necessary to manually tie this tfvars files to your App Blueprint, these tfvars will automatically be available to Terraform whenever you provision an App to this cloud.

Key/Value Store Profiles

  • Key/Value Profiles (Key/Value Store) expand provisioning, automation, billing and reporting capabilities by allowing dynamic custom object specific metadata in provisioning and automation mappings

  • Key/Value Profile entries are available using <%=cloud.profile.key%>

  • Terraform Profiles are limited to one Profile per Cloud, however multiple key/value pairs can be added to a single profile

Create a Key/Value Profile

  1. Navigate to /infrastructure/clouds/ and select a Cloud

  2. Select the Profiles tab

  3. Select + ADD PROFILE

  4. Select Key/Value Profile Type

  5. Enter key/value entries, selecting + to add additional entries

  6. Select SAVE CHANGES