Network Groups

Network Groups are useful for grouping networks during provisioning and scaling or grouping availability subnets together such that during provisioning vm’s within an instance can be round robin provisioned across availability zones.

Adding Network Groups

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Network > Networks Groups

  2. Select ADD

  3. Enter the following:

    Group info:
    • Name: Name of the Network Group in Morpheus

    • Description: Details of the Network Group in Morpheus

    • Search for and select target Networks for the Network Group

    • Search for and select target Subnets for the Network Group

    Group Access
    • Set Group Access for the Network Group. Group access controls which Groups at provision time will have access to this resource. Select “all” (default) to give workloads provisioned to any Group access to this resource. If this resource should be restricted only to workloads provisioned to specific Groups, select all that apply.

    Tenant Permissions
    • Resources with Public visibility will be available to users in any Tenant (subject to other RBAC controls). Resources with Private visibility are given only to individually selected Tenants. Select all that apply.

  1. Select SAVE CHANGES