Cisco ACI


ACI summary tab

Add ACI as a network and security integration. Inventory your existing ACI configurations. Create networks, bridge domains, application profiles, tenants, endpoint groups, contexts, filters and contracts. Provision instances into new endpoint groups and define security groups that apply contracts on provision.

From Morpheus below can be created:

  • Tenants

  • ANP’s

  • EPG’s

  • Contexts

  • Bridge Domains

  • Filters

  • Contracts


Morpheus to ACI Sync Job Schedule: Every 5 minutes


Morpheus connects to ACI APIC over port 443

Add Network Integration

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Networks > Integrations

  2. Select +ADD > Networking > Cisco ACI

  3. Populate the following:

    ACI Integration Name/Label in Morpheus

    This is unique to Morpheus and not part of authentication


    ACI fabric url, eg


    ACI aaaUser name attribute


    ACI aaaUser pwd attribute


    Populates upon authentication, tenant selection not required


Configure Cloud Network Mode

For your ACI Integration to be available during provisioning, ACI needs to be defined on a Cloud or multiple Clouds NETWORK MODE advanced options.

  1. Select an existing VMware vCenter Cloud

  2. Select EDIT

  3. Expand the Advanced Options section

  4. Select ACI Integration in NETWORK MODE dropdown

  5. Select SAVE

Instance Provisioning

ACI Instance provisioning options

Once ACI is integration to a cloud, it can be used during instance provisioning:

  1. From the EPG drop down, either an existing EPG can be selected or a new one can be created. It is the same for ANP, either create a new one or choose an existing.

  2. Under ACI security consumes and provides, contracts can be searched when you enter a name. When the provisioning wizard is completed, it will provision the instance and apply the ACI options and Security. This can be viewed under the instance page, or via REST API and CLI.

Blueprint Configuration

ACI Blueprint options
  • In a Blueprint, you can define the ANP and EPG of each Tier

  • Variables can be used for EPG and ANP names.

  • This could be useful to create blueprints for dev testing to isolate from prod networks.

  • This can be hybrid based on the VMM domains in APIC.