SolarWinds IPAM


  • Automate static IP assignment across environments using Solarwinds IPAM

  • Network pool sync: Network pools can be set on networks in Morpheus for automated IP allocation and record creation

  • Optional Network Pool allocation and record sync. Inventory Existing option syncs all individual IP records and corresponding status. Inventory is not required for provisioning

  • Grid and list displays with IP record overlays and color coding for static, available, reserved and transient status

  • Manual IP Host record creation from Network Pool detail pages

Adding SolarWinds to Morpheus

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Network > Integrations

  2. Click + ADD

  3. Select SolarWinds

  4. Enter in the following information


    Name of the SolarWinds Integration in Morpheus


    Deselect to disable sync with the SolarWinds endpoint


    URL of the SolarWinds server, ex:


    Username of SolarWinds API User. See the NOTE box below for information on minimum rights requirements


    SolarWinds User password



At minimum you will need credentials for a user with API and root-level propagating read access, as well as read/write access for target networks and domains. For a quicker solution, you can also use an account with the Power User role in situations where you aren’t concerned with providing only the minimum required access.

Consuming SolarWinds in Morpheus

On saving your new integration, SolarWinds networks will be synced and can be viewed by navigating to Infrastructure > Network > IP POOLS. They’re also viewable from the detail section of the SolarWinds integration at Infrastructure > Network > INTEGRATIONS > (your SolarWinds integration) > NETWORK POOLS.


Host records can also be viewed here by clicking on the name of a SolarWinds network.



Morpheus SolarWinds integration does not support zone record syncing despite the presence of the ZONES tab on the integration detail page. This is a UI feature carried over from other networking integrations and is not supported at this time.

Adding IP Pools to Networks

Morpheus can automatically assign the next available SolarWinds IP in an IP/Network Pool and create the corresponding DNS records. Morpheus will also remove the records upon teardown. To enable this, add an SolarWinds IP/Network Pool to the Network Pool section on a Network(s).

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Network > Networks

  2. Select a Network name and click EDIT

  3. In the NETWORK POOL typeahead field, search for and select the name of the selected IP/Network Pool.

    • Gateway, DNS, and CIDR must be populated for static/pool IP assignment

    • Select ALLOW IP OVERRIDE, if desired, to allow selecting between DHCP, static IP address entry, and pool address selection at provision time

    • Deselect DHCP server if a DHCP server will not be used on the network (only static and/or IP Pool IP assignment)

  4. Select SAVE CHANGES

Creating Host Records

  1. Select a Network Pool from Infrastructure > Network > IP POOLS

  2. Click + ADD

  3. Enter the following


    Hostname for the record


    IP address for the Host Record

  4. Select SAVE CHANGES