Morpheus integrates with Bluecat IPAM to scope pools to networks for static IP assignment from Bluecat to your Morpheus Instances.

Adding Bluecat to Morpheus

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Network > Integrations

  2. Click + ADD

  3. Select Bluecat

  4. Enter in the following information


    Name of the Bluecat Integration in Morpheus


    Uncheck to disable sync with the Bluecat endpoint


    URL of the Bluecat server, ex:


    Username of Bluecat API User. API and root level propagating read access required, read/write access required for target Networks and Domains.


    Bluecat User password

    Network Filter

    Optionally enter a comma-separated list of entityIds for config(s), block(s) or network(s) (ex. entityId1,entityId2...) to filter the synced IP pools, networks and domains


The Bluecat Integration will be saved, IP pools will sync in and populate under Infrastructure > Network > IP Pools, and Domains will populate in Infrastructure > Network > Domains. Pools and Domains can also be found in the Bluecat Integration details page, which can be accessed by clicking on the name of the added Bluecat Integration in Infrastructure > Network > Services.


Quick Deployments must be enabled in Bluecat for Morpheus to create instantly available DNS records when using Bluecat DNS.

Adding IP Pools to Networks

Morpheus can automatically assign the next available Bluecat IP in an IP/Network Pool and create the corresponding DNS records, as well as remove the records upon teardown. To enable this, add an Bluecat IP/Network Pool to the Network Pool section on a Network(s).

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure - Network- Networks

  2. Select a Network name and EDIT, or select ACTIONS - Edit

  3. In the NETWORK POOL section, search for and select the name of the IP/Network Pool.

    • Gateway, DNS and CIDR must be populated for static/pool IP assignment

    • Select Allow IP Override to allow selecting between DHCP, Static entry and Pool Selection at provision time

    • Deselect DHCP server if a DHCP server will not be used on the network (only static and/or IP Pool IP assignment)

  4. Select SAVE CHANGES