Administration > Integrations

To add an integration select + ADD and choose your integration. Many Morpheus-supported inegrations can be configured in this section, though not all. Some integrations, such as networking integrations, must be configured within their own areas of the application. The following integrations can be configured in this section:

  • Chef

  • Puppet

  • Ansible

  • Salt Masters

  • Ansible Tower

  • vRealize Orchestrator

  • Microsoft DNS

  • PowerDNS

  • Route 53

  • Git

  • Github

  • Docker Repositories

  • Jenkins

  • ServiceNow

  • Cherwell

  • Remedy

  • ACI

  • Venafi

Please see the Guides for each specific integration type for more detailed information on setup steps and features supported by the integration.



The /administration/packages is where Morpheus packages (.mpg) can be uploaded to appliances. Morpheus packages contain Library objects, such as Instance Types, Layouts, Node Types, Spec Temples and Cluster Layouts. Morpheus packages consist of library objects as code compiled into a simple $.mpg file, allowing for agile distribution, updated and sharing of Library configurations.

The addition of /administration/packages in v5.3.3 is targeted for uploading future Morpheus provided MPGs, however users will be able to create, distribute and/or import custom Morpheus packages.

Role Permissions

Access and capabilities for the Packages section is determined by the following role permissions:

Role: Feature Access: Admin: Plugins
  • None: Cannot access Admin: Plugins section

  • Full: Access to Admin: Plugins and ability to upload Morpheus packages (.mpg)

Uploading Packages

/administration/packages is targeted for uploading future Morpheus provided mpg’s, however users will be able to create, distribute and/or import custom Morpheus packages. Additional information on creating custom packages will be provided.



Morpheus is extendable with custom plugins for Task types, UI tabs, approvals, cypher, and more. Plugins are added from the Plugins tab of the Integration page under Administration (Administration > Integrations > Plugins). Simply browse for a local plugin file (.jar) to add it to the UI. Custom plugins can also be deleted by clicking on the trash can icon in the corresponding row.

Please visit the Morpheus Developer Portal for Plugin Architecture SDK documentation and help getting started with custom Plugin development.